How to submit your own quizzes.

To submit your quiz you can send us an e-mail with the information listed down below. The questions in a quiz are linked to the profiles we have on our website. If you want us to add certain artists or groups it may take a little longer for us to put it online. If you want we will list your name in the description. If there is something we want to change we will contact you beforehand. The questions and answers are shuffled each time the quiz is played, so the order doesn't matter.

Quiz info

  • - Name of the quiz
  • - Description of the quiz
  • - Type of quiz: artist or group
  • - You can send us an image to be used as thumbnail (optional)

Questions + answers info

  • - Questions have 2 to 4 answers
  • - Wrong answers can be anything (keep it PG)
  • - Try keep it short (nobody wants to do a quiz with 50 questions)

Mail example:

  • Name: Groups that I like
  • Description: Give your description of the quiz. Created by Me.
  • Type: Group
  • Question 1: Girl's day
  • Answer 1: Girl's day
  • Answer 2: Girls' generation
  • Answer 3: Wonder girls
  • Question 2: Big Bang
  • Answer 1: Big Bang
  • Answer 2: Big Blast
  • Answer 3: Big Boys
  • Answer 4: Big Brave