Weekly Kpop News: BTS vs AKMU

by: Timo posted: 2 years ago


Weekly Kpop News #2


Hello and welcome to Weekly Kpop News Here I shall tell you what happened this week in the Kpop, Kdrama and Entertainment industry.



Last Tuesday on May 3 BTS Fire ranked number 1 on the Itunes music video charts. And gained the number one spots for 8 real-time chart. 

They are really on fire.

But on May 4 Akdong Musician came back with their long-awaited album Spring Vol.1 and topped music charts too! It shall really be a showdown between these 2 popular groups. Are you more a BTS fan or an Akdong Musician fan? I can't choose...

Girls Generation Tiffany is having a solo album that will come out next week on May 10 with the music video ''I Just Wanna Dance'' coming out on May 11. This is her first solo album in 9 years since Snsd debuted



There is a new webdrama called Dramaworld with a crazy plotline! There is this foreign girl who is in love with Kdrama and then one day she get sucked into the Drama she is watching. Here she meets the Facilitators whose job it is to make the 2 main characters fall in love so everything that happens in Kdrama is not coincidence but there are people behind the scenes making sure everything goes well for the main characters because if they don't achieve true love by the last episode they will cease to exist!

That's such a creative plotline! Alot of comedy with a foreign girl as main actress!



Be Funny Studios have made a hilarious parody of the American movie The Maze Runner called Seoul Runner.

Starring Lee Ki Hong from the actual movie and various Kpop idols like Taecyeon, Nickhyun, Kangnam and NS Yoon-G. It's a really cute and funny parody based on the aspect on how to survive in Seoul. Here is the link to watch the full video with English subtitles! http://befunny.com/flhcc3zn/


This was it again for this week Weekly Kpop News. 

Weekly Kpop News: #1 BTS, Apink, Hyunseung and more! Weekly Kpop News: #3 Jessica, Tiffany, AOA, the Royal Gambler and much more.

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