Weekly Kpop News: #3 Jessica, Tiffany, AOA, the Royal Gambler and much more.

by: Timo posted: 3 years ago




 AoA is back with their 4th Mini Album called Good Luck which is also the title song!

Jessica from Snsd is debuting this week, ''With Love'' that's what the album is called, and that's a pun too! With as title song Love Me The Same.

Who do you think will be more succesful Tiffany or Jessica? Anyway please give your support to these talented ladies.

Monsta X will be coming back on Wednesday the 18th with their song All In! They sure must be going all in to compete with these amazing comebacks lately!



In the Kdrama spotlight we have an intresting drama which is almost finished 1 episode left of the 15. It's called Jackpot ( The Royal Gambler ) and it's and historical drama.

With actors like Jang Keun Suk, Yeo Jin Goo and Lim Ji Yeon this drama is one you must see. It has amazing high ratings around 9.7/10 every is completely in love with this drama.

Dae Gil which is played by Jang Keun Suk is actually a royal blood but he is forced to live with commoners. He becomes really good at gambling and fooling people.

While Dam Seo played by Lim Ji Yeon wants to have revenge against the King Young Jo which is played by Yeo Jin Go she gets finally into a match against the King.

A gamble match which decides if she loses his life or that King Young Jo loses his kingdom...

I can't possibly think of higher stakes this drama is definetely one to watch!



Erik Nam and Solar are a lovely couple in We Got Married Erik Nam tries to save princess Solar but he is trapped in a prison cell. After he gets his princess you can allready feel the chemistry betweem the two.

They try out a segway, fool alot, eat alot and mostly talk alot. In Episode 4 Erik Nam tries to teach Solar some English as he is the master himself. But it doesn't quite go as expected. Check it out!



This was it again for this Weekly Kpop News

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