Weekly Kpop News: EXO & EXID

by: Timo posted: 3 years ago



U-Kiss is coming back on the 7th of June with their 11th Mini Album allready called Stalker.


Exo is coming back! On the 9th of June they will release their highly anticipated album called Lucky One.

Who is your favorite member from EXO? Mine is D.O.!


I also want to recommend these recently released songs like


CLC - No oh oh


FIESTAR - Apple Pie


I really love the recent comebacks and like keeping up with the current Kpop comebacks, 

this year is really a wonderful year for Kpop and it’s only June!



 Today I wanted to talk about Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim

This drama seems intresting because it has multiple main characters, it's about two sisters and their goal to achieve pure happiness, but there are men involved...

Ahn Dae Tae is a human rights lawyer ( a bit the same like Lee Bo Young in I Hear Your Voice ), but unfortunately he gets wrongly accused of a crime and served time in Prison.

Suk Jin Soo is from a wealthy family but not everything is happy when you got the money.

The search for happiness by the two sisters is really something to cheer for.

It's still airing in Korea and has only 8 episodes. The final will come on the 17th of July so you still have some time to catch on!




 If you ever wanted to go on holiday to Korea but you have no idea where to visit then I've come with the solution. Well there are multiple solutions offcourse, you can read a book from Lonely Planet or search the web but I've come with a quick, intresting and enjoyable way to find all the places you wanted to visit so badly that you didn't even know about!

HanaTour is a company that provied many tours to different Asian countries but today we will be focussing on Korea. If you are intrested in other Asian countries check their website http://www.hanatour.us/ .

What I loved about the videos that Hanatour makes is that they show intresting views from different places all around Asia.

There are 9 episodes on Viki about Korea that only lasts about 5 minutes so you get a really quick image about what Korea is like.

Check the link below for the videos it's really fun to watch even if you are not planning to go to South Korea!




This was it again for Weekly Kpop News.

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