Vocal Ranking: SNSD Edition

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


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Dear Patients and Readers,

This time it's time for Girls' Generation to stand in the spotlight. I am going to judge their vocal skills and ONLY their vocal skills. I am going to try not to be biased. We all know Girls' Generation has some mad vocal talent, but sometimes it doesn't get recognized. So this time I will list the members who I think deserve some more recognition. And remember guys! This ranking is completely my own opinion.

I will start this list off with:


Please keep in mind that I don't think she is a bad singer, but I think her voice is a bit basic. She can definitely sing the normal chorus lines, but there is nothing about her voice that attracts me to listen to her. Although I do think she is fit to be a rapper in the group. Her voice is just not cutesy. But that would fit the rapper role.



Yoona is in my opinion a very neutral singer. Although I do think she is better than some other singers like Dasom (Sistar) or Chorong (Apink), she is still not in the leagues of most of SNSD's singers. She always hits the right notes and has a nice tone to her voice, but beyond that I don't think there is anything special about her voice. But her personality and dancing makes up for that.



Actually, I think Yuri is a pretty good singer technically wise. However when it comes to range she stops where some other members take that step higher. I feel like she has trouble with hitting high notes. But I think the sound of her voice is really good and perfect for the kind of songs that SNSD makes.



This girl is my bias for two reasons. She is a great actress, very beautiful and I just loooooooove her voice! I don't even know what attracts me to her voice so much. There is something about her tone and her way of singing that really appeals to me. That's why it saddens me that she doesn't get a lot of lines or OST's.



Sunny is a rare case to me. I don't know any other girl in K-pop that has a voice that's similar to hers. A lot of the time she sounds very cute, but there are also times where she blows me away with her unexpected good singing. She has a great range and technique. I don't think she's always very good live, but she also has some amazing live moments. I think it really depends on the song.



For me Tiffany is a diamond in the rough. I think she could be as good as Taeyeon, but the one thing that stops her from achieving that level is her sometimes lacking technique. Most of the time she sings great, but she has, what I always call, the ''Christina Aguilera syndrome''. She really wants to show how good her vocals are, but sometimes because she wants so much she messes up. But nonetheless most of the time she sings wonderfully.



Seohyun has such a beautiful rich, full yet soft voice. I really think she is not only one of the best singers in SNSD but also in K-pop girl groups. She has a very good vocal range and also great singing technique. Sometimes she lacks a little bit of power, but her singing is so good that it is very forgivable. It disappoints me that she has such a small amount of OST's. She really deserves it with a voice like that.



Probably everyone saw this one coming. But yeah I talk like this cause I can back it up. The one and only Taeyeon. She basically has it all. A beautiful voice tone just like Sooyoung, a very powerful voice and good range like Tiffany and a very good technique like Seohyun. Added to that she is also very beautiful. She almost never disappoints with her singing and her OST's are beautiful. She is sometimes even called the queen of OST's. But I think she deserves that title, because she always does them so flawlessly. And she is not even my bias. I really think she deserves this top spot with her skills.


This was my ranking of today and I hope everyone enjoyed it. I would very much like it to see your ranking so don't be afraid to comment! See you next time!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu


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