Vocal Ranking: Kara Edition

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


Dear Patients and Readers,

After a long time, I decided to make a new vocal ranking. This time I chose to do a tribute to Kara. Although they have disbanded after having a long lasting successful career, I want to have them remembered at least one more time. Not just as a great performance group, but also as a group with great vocals. Even though they don’t really get recognized for their vocals usually.

#7 Goo Hara

Hara is in my opinion not a bad vocal, however we cannot deny that she is the worst vocalist in Kara. Her singing technique is not very developed compared to the rest of her group members. I do like the tone of her voice though. I actually think she is better with ballads than with up-tempo songs. Nevertheless, I am glad we could enjoy the years with her in Kara.

#6 Nicole

I actually think Nicole is a very good singer. The thing is that I like the sound of her voice less compared to the other members. That is the reason I placed her on number 6. I think she is a good rapper. She also has a great vocal range, often hitting high notes in Kara songs.

#5 Jiyoung

Despite debuting at a very young age, I have to give compliments to Jiyoung. I think the tone of her voice is beautiful and she has a very steady voice when singing. I also think that she has a good singing technique. The only thing is that her vocal range is a little bit lower than the rest of her members. This being the only reason why she is number 5.

#4 Youngji

She only just joined the group before the disbandment. It is really sad because she had a lot to offer the group. Her personality is so sweet and her voice is too. I think Youngji is capable of a lot with her voice as seen in Kara Project. I think she has everything you need to make it as a Kpop idol.

#3 Gyuri

I think I am one of the few people that actually enjoys listening to her voice a lot. I think in Kara she has the best technique of everyone and a very mature voice too. I really think it is a refreshment to hear her voice in between all the cute voices in this group. Her range is really no joke. I really hope she doesn’t quit music. Her voice is way too good for that.

#2 Seungyeon

I think Seungyeon has the most all-around voice in Kara. She is capable of so much. She has a great vocal range and also a very nice tone to her voice. It is very easy to distinguish her voice from all the others. She is also able to adapt to different concepts well. She can do cute, but also more mature concepts. I really hope she has a lot of success in the future.

#1 Sunghee

Despite her very short stay with Kara, there is no debating whether she was the best voice in Kara, if not in Kpop at that time. Her voice is really one of a kind and it really sucks that she couldn’t stay with the group longer. I feel like in this age she would be on par with Eunji and Taeyeon. I have a lot of respect for her and I wish her a lot of success in the future.

This was my ranking. I hope you agree of course. However, if you have a different ranking, don’t hesitate to state your personal ranking on our facebook page and also please state why.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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