Vocal Ranking: 2NE1 Edition

by: Marcus posted: 4 years ago


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Dear Readers and patients!

This time I'm gonna try out something new! This is usually something I do with my friends, but since I think this is good topic/discussion material I'm going to make a new category out of it. This time I'm going to be talking about the vocal ranking in 2NE1!

Just to be very clear before I start a fanwar haha. This category is based on 50% facts and 50% opinion. So even if someone may technically be the best singer in the group, it does not necessarily mean I rank them number 1. That's because sometimes I like someone's voice tone more than the others or other reasons for that example.

#4 Dara

The thing I like about Dara is that she has that very unique and distinct sound to her voice. You can easily recognice her parts in songs and she has a voice that fits a lot of music genres. But the thing with dara is that I think she lacks a lot of technique and power in her voice that the rest of 2NE1 has. That's why I put her in 4th place. But without her voice, 2NE1 wouldn't be 2NE1 anymore.

#3 CL

I actually think CL is a pretty good singer. She has a nice tone when she sings and a little bit of attitude. Her voice is perfect for 2NE1. But the thing is that I feel that her voice has boundaries. Unlike Dara, I feel CL's voice only comes out beautiful in a limited amount of genres. And sometimes I feel she's having a hard time singing as well as Bom and Minzy. But it could also just be me. Nevertheless I think she's a great singer.

#2 Park Bom

Park Bom has one of the most distinctive voices in Kpop. I feel like she's irreplacable. She has a great vocal range and she can either do ballads as well as uptempo songs or even R&B. There is only one thing about her voice that annoys me sometimes. Very often she sounds like she's out of breath and her singing technique is also lacking if we were to compare her to Taeyeon (SNSD) or Eunji (Apink). But I do think that when she doesn't sound out of breath that she has a very nice tone to her voice that no one else has.

#1 Minzy

Probably one of the most underrated Kpop singers and the number one on my ranking. Minzy. The reason why I put her on number one is exactly the reason that I stated in the intro above. Maybe Park Bom has a bigger range and more power to her voice, but Minzy's voice is just so beautiful and soulful when she sings. I also think she has the best singing technique in 2NE1. She has the least flaws of the group in my opinion. When she sings her voice sounds so full of passion and that's what I like to hear on a record.

This was the first Vocal Ranking of Dr.Hallyu. Please anticipate my next ranking!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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