Truth or Debateable?: #1 Is BTOB the next DB5K?!

by: Marcus posted: 2 years ago


Dear Patients and Readers,


Lately I have been thinking and I realized I have been stanning the right group for all the right reasons. Ofcourse I am talking about my number 1 boygroup BtoB. Let's get to the point. These guys can sing their asses off, they are goofballs yet still very handsome and they are not afraid to be different. Now I have been with the fandom for long enough and I have heard enough of their live performances to acknowledge the fact that in my opinion they are one of the most talented boygroups of this era of Kpop if not the most talented group. Ofcourse I know there will be people who will disagree with me and beg to differ. That is why I made this brand new segment where I can shamelessly make my point but in a civilized and opinionated way so I can start a healthy discussion about topics related to Kpop and K-drama.

But let's start with what it's all about. Ofcourse I am talking like this because I can back it up. In my time with Kpop I have seen a lot of talented boygroups. But what annoys me is that even the most talented boygroups have a point at which they lack. For example EXO. I love EXO very much and I think they are very talented. However when I talk about vocally talented I think the most vocally talented members are Baekhyun, Chen and D.O. I am also aware that Xiumin, Chanyeol, Lay, Suho and Kai have good voices but not good enough to actually open my mouth in awe (although I must say I like Chanyeols sound when he sings low to midrange songs). BtoB on the other hand has 7 members who are all skilled in singing and rapping. 


And don't get me wrong I am absolutely not saying EXO isn't multitalented, It is just my opinion that EXO is less well balanced when it comes to skills where they have a couple of amazing singers and a couple of mediocre singers and eventually also 2 rappers that don't really impress me very much with their rap skills. This leads me to refer to the title of this post. I am comparing BtoB with DB5K because I see a lot of resemblances. I think every member (including the rappers) in BtoB is very talented in singing. BtoB also has shown us that they are capable of pulling off some impressive harmonies and also very powerful high notes and adlibs as demonstrated in their ballad songs. 


Their voices all have their own unique and distinctive sound to them so you instantly know which member is singing which part. DBSK is also know to have members who are all able to have a succesful solo career next to being in their group. I think every member in BtoB (except Peniel if i'm completely honest with myself) would be albe to have succesful solo releases because their voices would be qualified for solo songs. Now you guys must be thinking who am I to decide who is deserving of a solo debut and who isn't. Well the simple answer to that is that i'm not. It is just my opinion that I would be interested in listening to every single one of their solo debuts, not only because they are my favourite group, but also because I genuinely think they are very talented and would release great songs. 

Last but not least I have an example of one of their latest japanese releases. This song to me is not only a masterpiece but it also gives me the major ''Love in the Ice'' feels. I can feel the sincerity in their singing and the song just sounds so epic. If you love Love in the Ice then you will definitely love this song too. You can hear they are really putting all of their effort in and I think it deserves some recognition.


Now ofcourse I am pretty sure there mus be people who disagree with me. That is completely fine. Tell me why you think i'm wrong, or maybe tell my why you do agree with me! Please comment your opinion on this subject because this segment is created to have healthy and civilices discussion. 

I hope you enjoyed my post and hopefully you guys will enjoy my next one just as much!

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu


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