Trip Down Memory Lane: #2 The 'Psy Experience'

by: Laura, Lilly, Marcus posted: 5 years ago


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Hello people and patients!

It's time to take a look back in time and describe our experience with the world's greatest kpop sensation: Psy!

His 2012 hit Gangnam Style quickly took over the world leaving everyone doing the infamous horse dance.

So what are our experiences with this worldwide phenomenon?


I was very surprised when Psy´s gangnam style became a hit. Because I subscribed to YG at Youtube, I had already listened  the famous horse-riding song before it went viral. I liked the beat but  the song just wasn't my cup of tea. Then one day I was late for school, I remember rushing to class when I heard some kids listening to Gangnam style, I was shocked!! How could they possibly know that song? Two weeks later Psy was everywhere: CNN, Tabloids etc. Now every time I mention that I listen to K-pop a lot of people say they know one song too, It´s called gangnam style.


This is kind of a funny story because when Psy took the charts by storm, I didn't even listen to kpop. I remember that I didn't get why everyone liked it so much. Eventually I started to like it too. But now that I listen to a lot of other kpop I don't think it is that special anymore. I know a lot of kpop songs that I think are way better!

I clearly remember finding this whole ordeal very...odd. I wasn't into kpop really, in fact I had never heard of it. I was under the impression that all Chinese people make weird music and do awkward dances. How wrong I was!

What is your  'Psy experience'?


Dr. Hallyu

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