Storytime!: #1 Bless NB2 and its music!

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


Hello Patients and Readers,

Welcome to my new segment: Storytime! I have decided to start a new segment where I want to tell you about all the great and not so great stuff that I experienced in South-Korea! I was staying there for one month in August but I loved it so much there that I decided I wanted to go study there.


For my First story I would like to tell you about the day I met my American friends in Korea. You guys might be wondering ‘’Why are you meeting your American friends in Korea?’’. Well the answer to that is very simple. They are all very interested in Korean culture, music, food and people too.

One of those friends is called Bless. I met bless on the app Doki Doki where you can send messages to random people in the world without knowing who you are talking to. Ever since then we have been friends and she added me on Kakaotalk. Through her I met the other American girls who happened to be her friends. When we found out we were all going to Korea in the same month, we decided we just had to meet up at least once!


I was staying in my hostel in Hongdae called Michigan House with my friend Vanessa and a few other friends who I met there, but you will definitely hear more about them in my other stories. There is a tradition there that every Thursday evening is an unlimited chicken and beer party for 13,000 won. Of course I took this chance to invite my American friends over to meet them for the first time and enjoy the great Korean chicken with them. We decided to meet up at the Coffee Prince café. People who have seen the drama probably know which one I am talking about haha. I have to say it was so unreal when I saw them walking towards me. I only saw them in pictures but now for some reason the pictures were moving this time.

Of course I immediately took them to my place and I introduced them to the hostel workers (who also happen to be my great friends) and the hostel guests. We ate so much chicken. I wasted the beer though. I really don’t like beer but I still felt the obligation to profit from the ‘’unlimited’’ offer, which made it hard for me to resist. It was awful. However, I really had a great time.



It was turning night and my friends were getting tired. But once you’re in Korea and especially Hongdae you just have to try clubbing at least once. So Bless, Ashley, Rose and me (yes those are their names) decided to go to a club at the party area in Hongdae. We ended up at NB2. I have to say in advance it exceeded my expectations. To be very honest I don’t like going out but this was the best night out that I have ever had. They played like… all of my jams. Song after song after song was just so good.

My friends made the mood even better with their crazy but fun personalities and their on-point dance moves. And of course we were surrounded by a crowd (that was way too big. We barely had space to move) of beautiful Korean people. And just in case you readers didn’t know yet, I have a thing for Korean (actually Asian in general) people. Nothing to be ashamed of.


After having had the time of my life at NB2, we decided to all go to the nearest 7eleven to get some soju and do some drinking games. Of course we tried out all kinds of different soju flavors. I still didn’t pick a favorite though. We had some good (and in my case sober) conversations and after that I just went back to my hostel to sleep, wake up again and find out that I slept for 12 hours straight.

This is no joke because I woke up at 8PM. I went to sleep at 6AM so I did the math. Even though I wasted an entire day in Korea by sleeping, I had absolutely no regrets. I really want to thank my friends for the amazing time. I hope they will be reading this post.

Of course I also hope you guys enjoyed this first story of more to come and I hope I didn’t bore you guys to death. If you enjoyed it, please anticipate my next story which is going to be about my day at Dongbukgung palace with my friend Vanessa.

One last thing. After this segment I will be doing a Q&A session so please don’t hesitate to send me all your questions about Korea, me or anything related to the subject Hallyu.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu

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