Screen & show: #9 Top 10 must watch K-drama's for this summer

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What else is better to do in the summer than watching some K-drama? With plenty of free time now that the holidays for most of us have started, this is the perfect moment to catch up with some of the best K-dramas. If you don’t know which drama is fun to watch and you really don’t know where to start, you are at the right place! We have made a list for you with the best dramas for you to watch.


If there is a drama everyone is fond of, it must be Doctors. This drama stars Park Shin-hye and that is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Next to that the plotline is very interesting and it has some eye catching fighting scenes. If you love medical dramas with some action and a not too complicated, but cool storyline, this is the right drama for you.

Uncontrollably fond

This is another drama with famous actors like Kim Woobin and Bae Suzy. It will guarantee that you have an amazing time watching this drama. For anyone who likes a laugh and a sweet romantic storyline, you will be at the right address. The ratings for this drama are really high and you should check this drama out to see for yourself why this is the case!

Lucky romance

Another rom-com that is worth being on this list. This drama is based off a webtoon of the same name, which was released back in 2014. The webtoon was received really well and therefore the fans were really excited to see a drama being made out of it. The drama version is quite a success and even though the ratings are not sky high, the audience still loves it.

Moonlight drawn by clouds

You can’t go out without watching a historical K-drama, of course. This drama, which is also known as Love in the moonlight, takes place, like many others, in the Joseon dynasty. It centers around Lee Yeong's transformation and growth from a boy to revered monarch and his relationship with his politcal eunuch Hong Ra-on. It was only a matter of time before this story was made into a drama. This is because there already have been a web novel and a book series released prior to the launch of this drama.

Mirror of the witch

If one historical drama isn’t enough, we got one more for you to choose from. The storyline for the drama series is inspired by the book “Dongui Bogam”, compiled and written by royal physician Heo Jun. Compared to Moonlight drawn by clouds, this one has a touch of supernatural to it. This is what makes the storyline unique and appealing to watch.

Dear fair lady Kong Shim

Starring Girl's day’s Minah and Min Namkoong, this drama just finished so you can binge-watch all the episodes. Though the production itself isn’t the best of the best, the real charm of the drama came with the development of the 2 main characters. It is a simple drama, but very enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

Second to last love

This drama is a remake of the Japanese drama, which goes under the same title. It was very successful in Japan and is therefore being remade into a Korean drama. Since it hasn’t aired yet and it starts at the end of this month, there isn’t much to say whether this drama will be really good. But the Japanese version was very popular and the plotline is amazing. It will be worth giving it a try this summer.

W – Two worlds

Now we move on to something really different. Though it sounds like this is a cliché love story, this drama has a twist to it.  It’s the story of two people who live in the same era, but in different dimensions. The drama is about two worlds coexisting in the same space, one is the reality as we know it and the other is a fantasy realm. The two worlds collide when the two main characters meet.

Beautiful  mind

Inspired by the gothic novel Frankenstein, this drama tells the story of a world-renowned, but unsympathetic, neurosurgeon and his involvement with the mysterious deaths in the hospital he works in. With all the mystery surrounding the main character it is sure to give the standard medical drama a psychological twist.


This might be one of the most unique K-dramas out there. Not because of the story line or the amazing actors, but this drama is set up to have a total of 50 episodes! Since it has been running already since March there are plenty of episodes for you to catch up on. But next to the fact that there are tons of episodes to watch your favourite stars, the story line is also very intriguing and it makes you want to watch every episode.

So, which one of them will you be watching this summer?

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