Screen & show: #5 Pros and cons of medical kdramas

by: Veronique posted: 2 years ago


Hello everyone! Welcome back to another post and today we will talk about the pros and cons of medical k-dramas. If you haven’t watched any before you definitely should! So without further a-do, let’s take a look!


  1. This depends on the drama you are watching, but not all of them are medically accurate. This makes the plot not as strong as it should be and sometimes it can annoy you watching it. You can see that some scenes are totally fake and not realistic at all.
  2. In the end you are a little bit done with all the heroic procedures done by the main character and he/she is always saving lives. Unless you’ve got a really good drama, most of them tend to all have the same kind of formula for an ending and the writers give the same spin to it.
  3. Medical dramas are definitely not the most popular genre in the kdrama scene, so they sometimes hire a famous model or singer to attract viewer, but they are not always good actors.


  1. Usually the main characters are really good actors, because they need actors who can play a professional doctor or surgeon and it needs to be believable.
  2. Medical drama’s don’t tend to have cliché plotlines. Of course there is always love around the corner, but the main plot which defines the medical part of the drama differs from drama to drama and nothing is the same.
  3. Even though the characters are hero-like surgeons who save people’s lives, we can still relate to those characters. That is what makes these interesting to watch even if you are not interested in medicine at all.



This can either be a pro or a con depending on what person you are, but of course medical dramas have lots of gruesome scenes with a lot of blood. Personally I love to see that and I think it is really interesting to watch. But you always have people who can’t stand watching blood.

Leave a comment with your pro or con of watching a medical drama and share your opinion with us! Do you love medical drama’s just like we do?

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