Screen & show: #1 The K-Drama: Yongpal

by: Veronique posted: 3 years ago


 Welcome to my first K-Drama post! Today I will be talking about the must-watch K-Drama: Yongpal and 3 reasons why you should watch it. This drama aired not so long ago, it started in August 2015. After the hit drama Good Doctor, Moon Joo-Won decided to take on another role medical drama but this time this show was filled with some action. Joo-Won starred together with Kim Tae-hee and this couple made this drama extra popular.

  1. The plotline.

I won’t be giving much away, but this drama has a very unique story line. Unlike other dramas, this one is filled with badass fighting scenes and many unexpected plot twists. Moon Joo-Won is playing a very skilful doctor who secretly works for gangs to earn more money for his sister who is ill. One day he finds himself at the 12th floor of the hospital, the VIP ward, and there he met Han Yeo-Jin (Kim Tae-Hee). She is been kept there, but on one day he finds out the whole secret about her and tries to save her from imprisonment. This sounds very cliché, but the fact that he is constantly being chased by the police and co-workers because they think he is Yongpal, ‘the gang doctor’, makes it very interesting. Every person belongs to a different conspiracy and they all play mind games with each other which makes this drama so unpredictable and interesting. You never know what will happen next.


  1. The actors.

In the beginning I was a bit sceptical about watching this drama. I love Moon Joo-Won, but most of the other actors are also really big stars. I thought this was going to be one of those dramas who got very famous actors so therefore the viewer ratings will go up and not because of the quality of their acting. But they have proved me wrong. The actors were phenomenal. Especially with the fighting scenes it is hard to make a fight look realistic yet they did an amazing job with all the stunts.


  1. The moral.

Usually dramas are just there to entertain you and they do not have a hidden message. If they do then usually it is really cliché and it probably tells you something about love. This drama give you a message about who you should trust. Yong Pal brings to the surface the difference between masqueraded loyalty or circumstantial trust and utter sincerity in human relations. It shows the audience how humans really are and that we actually wear a mask sometimes. It makes you self-aware of that fact but doesn’t push it into your face. Overall a beautiful drama with a beautiful message.


In the end Yongpal is a must-watch drama and every single detail is worked out so well. I loved this show to bits and I hope you  do too!

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