Screen & show: #2 Favourite Korean Musical Songs

by: Veronique posted: 3 years ago


My favourite Korean musicals songs

Hello again! Here are my favourite Korean musical songs. This list is not based upon which songs I like, but specifically the Korean version by the way it is being translated and performed. Here is my top 3.


3. She – Dracula by Kim Junsu

Here is a great example of a song that was made especially for the Korean version of the musical. It’s a shame that this song isn’t in the original or any other version, because it fits the story line perfectly. The song shows all the different emotions of the character of Dracula. It starts off with love and moves into sadness as his love partner is being stabbed and ends up passing away and then he becomes angry at God. This song literally has everythings, good lyrics, amazing vocals and great acting. 


2. Rebecca – Rebecca the musical by Ock Joohyun

This is such a cool power song and the vocals are amazing. Together with great translated lyrics and great orchestra, this song is worth being in this top 3. Because of the way every detail is acted out I find it maybe even better than the original. The way Mrs. Danvers is portrayed is a bit more over the top than the original, but I think the character is more interesting to watch because of this. All conbined the song is amazing and everyone should watch this!

(skip to: 3:18 for the song)


1. Gethsemane – Jesus Christ Superstar by Park Eun Tae

This song by itself is already an amazing piece of art to listen to, but this version is just simply magnificent. I never expected a translated version to be this good compared to the original. Even though that some parts were kept in English, it is not disturbing at all. The pronunciation is perfect. This video was recorded in a studio booth, but this song has so much emotion that even though it’s for a recording Eun Tae really gives his 100% and ends up crying at the end of the video. This song is sung with so much passion and emotion and his vocals are so impressive that this needed to be on number one.


All the songs above are worth watching! Too bad that all the shows the songs are from are currently not running anymore for the people who want to go and see them while they are visiting Seoul. But keep an eye out because you never know when there is going to be a revival of one of the shows!

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