Screen & show: #3 Descendants of the Sun review

by: Veronique posted: 3 years ago


Welcome back to another article of screen & show! Today we are going to talk about a topic that everybody, even internationally, has been talking about: Descendants of the Sun. This drama was a mega hit is South-Korea as well as overseas and it even made it to the international newspapers! Overall the audience loved it and today I will give a short review on the things I liked and didn’t like about this K-drama.

(The following article does contain spoilers.)

To start of I will talk about the actors. Yes, everyone loves the main actors Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, and everybody was (and still is) talking about them. To be honest I didn’t know these actors very well before watching this show. I only watched one episode of Running man with Song Joong-ki in it, but that was probably about 2 years ago. Everybody was hyped about the fact they were playing the leads and I didn’t quite understand it at first. To me they were 2 regular actors playing these roles. I do have to say that they acted out the characters wonderfully and the chemistry of the so-called ‘Song-Song couple’ was amazing. They were well casted just as the other members of the cast. There was literally no one of who I thought was a bad actor or someone who I would have casted for a different role. Even SHINee’s Onew did a great job for his first drama.

Then let’s move on to the plot. In general the concept of the drama is really good. It’s not your typical medical drama. I liked the fact that they used the military setting within this drama so it’s not cliché based in a hospital. The storyline is very original and unique in the K-drama scene and I think it became a huge hit because of this. Though it is a medical drama not all the medical scenes were actually realistic and sometimes they were far from it. For example the scene where Kang Mo-yeon is about to fall off a cliff, Yoo Si-jin steps in to safe her. Unfortunately the only way out is to dive into the water and climb out of it. The fall from the cliff should have killed both of them, but of course Si-Jin makes it out perfectly fine and Mo-yeon is in need of CPR, yet after only 10 seconds she wakes up and acts just like nothing happened. This is the magic of K-drama of course and they cannot end up dying, but it was a bit unrealistic. But that is just a small detail and overall it is a really fun show to watch with good character development. Especially the character development of Lee Chi-hoon (Onew) was interesting. He started out as the boy who is very open and kind and as we continued watching he became a shy and insecure guy due to all his traumatic experiences at the scene.

In the beginning I thought this would be a crossover between Grey’s Anatomy and Saving Private Ryan, but it ended up totally different from my expectations (in a good way). Even though there is lots of action involved, you shouldn’t watch this if you are not a big fan of all the cheesy romantic storylines. The love storyline between the 2 main characters is really good, but at some point I think I had enough of it. But in my opinion it is a great drama with great actors and quite a good storyline. Even though I have watched better dramas, this is sure a must-watch drama!

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