Screen & show: #8 All Shook Up: time to shake your feet

by: Veronique posted: 2 years ago



Good news for everyone who loves the King of Rock and Roll: All shook up the musical is coming to South-Korea this summer! About two months ago the cast was revealed and it left us waiting curiously for anything new to be revealed. But now that it has had its premiere not too long ago, many teenagers are waiting in line to see this show. Not only because of the famous idols who act in this musical, but also because of the music itself.

All shook up is a fun jukebox musical full of Elvis Presley's music. This show is set to open up the younger generation to an iconic collection of music. It will expand the musical horizon for teenagers, but it will also bring back a bit of nostalgia to the older generation through a medley of Elvis Presley’s music.

With INFINITE’s Kim Sung-kyu and R&B artist Wheesung as Elvis, and Hello Venus’ Alice as Sandra, many fans couldn’t wait to see this show. For Sung-kyu this isn’t his first musical production as he has done quite some musicals earlier on, such as VAMPIRE and In The Heights. Also Wheesung did a musical before, but for Alice this will be her first musical adventure ever. Not only them, but many more amazing actors and actresses take part in this production and this will be a must-see for this summer!

So for everyone who loves some golden oldies, go and visit this show while it is still on! And if you aren’t convinced yet: check out this short clip of the cast below!

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