Wonder Girls: A very well anticipated comeback

by: Marcus posted: 4 years ago


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Dear Patients and Readers,

The queens of JYP, K-pop and the retro concept have returned to the music scene. It has been a long time coming but they have finally arrived to their rightful place. It is a sad thing that not all the original members participated in this comeback, because Sunye and Sohee decided not to renew their contracts with JYP and step out of the group. Sunye wanted to focus on her family as she is a married woman with a little kid at home. Sohee wanted to focus on her acting career.

But now back to the positive stuff. Let's list down everything new about Wonder Girls:

  • They came back as a band
  • Sunmi, a member that left the group almost 5 years ago, has returned
  • They took on an 80's concept for the first time in their retro series haha
  • This is the first time Wonder Girls are promoting as a 4 member group

Obviously a lot of people have been awaiting their comeback as they have a lot of fans and they were once at the top of the Kpop industry. But of course a lot of people may not know Wonder Girls because they became listeners of Kpop when they were not promoting. So here is a short MV compilation of Wonder Girls:

Irony (2007)

Tell Me (2007)

So Hot (2008)

Nobody (2008)

2 Different Tears (2010)

Be My Baby (2011)

Like This (2012)

I Feel You (2015)

Of course they also have some songs completely in English like The DJ is Mine and Like Money ft. Akon. They even have English versions of their title tracks like Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody, 2 Different Tears and Be My Baby.

They even had their own Nickelodeon movie all about them and completely in English. These girls crossed some serious boundaries for a K-pop girl group. And that is why I think they deserve the recognition of one of the top K-pop groups. They did what no other group has done and their fan base is one of the most loyal fan bases I know. I'm in it myself too haha.

So please support them in the future and if you're new to them, please check them out! :)

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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