K-pop videos to show non k-pop fans

by: Jeffrey posted: 4 years ago


Dear readers and patients,

We all know that moment when someone asks about your music taste. Normally people would just tell them your taste and be done with it. But with K-pop it’s a whole different story. It’s not a genre that is mainstream (yet). People will either ask you what the hell it is or mention gangnam style. You will probably see a bit of a theme throughout these videos and that is to leave an impression behind. It might not always be a good one, but it will definitely be something they think of whenever they hear the word K-pop.

Big bang – fantastic baby

I know that this is an easy one that most people think of and uses, but I have to mention it. If one song screams K-pop it’s this one. The video with its bright visuals, catchy music and all around craziness is one that all fans of K-pop have watched at least 10 times. So why not welcome them to the world of K-pop with this amazing video. It’s the most watched K-pop video after gangnam style and gentleman for a reason. And it’s always fun to see their faces when you tell them this video has around 210 million views.

After school – flashback

As a guy I mostly get strange looks from other guys when I tell them I listen to K-pop. I always get the same reaction: “what you listen to gay-pop”. It totally pisses me of every time so I set out to find the perfect video to prove them wrong. Up until now “flashback” had the best reactions. There are a lot of videos that would work great, because there are a lot of hot girls in K-pop. But the reason this video works is because it grabs their attention right from the start. They don’t even listen to the music and just watch all the legs come by. Believe me, this video hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Norazo – ni pal jay a

This video is perfect to blow their minds and question what they just watched. The intro is quite lengthy, so you can just skip ahead to 1:20. It starts of pretty normal, but eventually it switches into fifth gear and slaps them into the face with its bizarreness. I would suggest you use this video only on those persons that you know won’t listen to the song. Or on those that aren’t interested in anything but their own music taste. 

The ark – the light

This video is the total opposite of the previous one. It’s for the people that you can actually get to sit down and watch the video with their full attention. A little info for those that have not watched it themselves, grab some tissues. You are going to need it. This song was dedicated to victims of the Sewol ferry accident killing 304 people, so it’s a complete tearjerker. I’m not joking, I actually seen some people cry right in front of me because of this video. You really have to be inhuman be totally unfazed by this one. 

Your favourite song

All these options are of course for nothing if you don’t like the songs yourself. If you want to give the best impression of K-pop you should just show them the song you like the most, even if it doesn’t reflect the K-pop genre as a whole. Because that is one of the best things about K-pop, it has a song for everyone. Pop, rap, rock and so much more, it all falls under K-pop. So if you think about it then K-pop is not so much a genre, but more a collection of amazing music. For some of us it has even grown to be a complete way of live and that is not something you can explain in five minutes or a couple of music videos.   So what are some of the videos you like to show to non k-pop fans? Have some good stories about some weird or amazing reactions? Leave us a message on our facebook page. If I have enough suggestions I might tally them up and make a part two.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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