Things I still don't understand about K-pop

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago



Normally I would post a K-pop 101 today, but I wanted to do something a little different for once. Let's just call it a rant, because there are some things I wanted to talk about for a while now. I have been a K-pop fan for around 5 years now, but there are some things I still don't (and probably never will) understand about the way things go.


Single group fangirls(boys)

There are some people out there that are a fan of just one group within K-pop. I can understand if you are not a big fan of the genre, but to claim that you are a K-pop fan and only support one group is something that goes beyond me. And not just that. There are those that follow just one label and only listen and support artists and groups belonging to that label. These so called “stans” burn down everything that gets in the way of their favourites. Every time I see this I wonder why they would limit themselves to just one group or label. There are so many awesome groups out there that it is a shame people limit themselves by only listening and watching one group or label.


Ah yes, the infamous fanwars. This closely relates to the previous subject. Every time two popular groups bring out a song together, a war starts between the fans of each group. Calling each other out that their group is more popular than the other. Making hate comments on Youtube videos or on twitter. Bringing out rumours to bring down the other group, I could go on and on. Like I said, I have been a K-pop fan for many years now, but I actually don't comment on videos a lot because of the crap I often get flung towards my head when I do so. The thing that makes these wars even more confusing is the fact when a western group and a K-pop group compete suddenly every single fandom is united. During the billboard fandom wars that were held some time ago suddenly every K-pop fan got up to bash One Direction and their fans. Why is it that suddenly everyone is united, but when it's two K-pop groups duke it out it's trouble?


There are so many K-pop groups coming out each year. Last year over 100 groups debuted. Where does the money for these debuts come from? I read that sometimes over 1 million dollars are spent training these groups. When they finally debut their music video only gets about 10.000 views, sometimes even less than that. There is no way that these groups can be profitable. Maybe as an international fan I don't really see how these groups operate or how these groups promote themselves, but I still can't imagine how things can go well for some of these groups.

Plastic surgery

I have a bit of a weird opinion on this than most people. You are probably thinking I'm going to start bashing on it, but I'm actually fine with it. Sometimes it goes a bit too far, but it's their own body and they should be able to do with it whatever they want. What I don't understand are the people that bash on it and make rude comments. There are entire sites out there comparing their pre and after debuts photos. Also whenever some K-pop idols confesses that they had surgery done it suddenly becomes news. It's Korea people, surgery is normal there. Girls often get eyelid surgery when they get out of highschool. So why is suddenly everyone shocked when a K-pop idol gets surgery or reveals it?

Being misunderstood

Why is it that when I tell people I listen to K-pop I get weird reactions? Even after 5 years I still can't understand why there are people that make fun of me whenever I tell them I listen to it. Is it weird because it's in another language, because it's from Asia, because you never heard of it or do you just like making fun of people? It could type out an entire article with just the things that were said to me, but I get the feeling that most people reading this article have gone through the same thing that I have. There is something about K-pop that makes it weird to people that don't know it and I can't figure out what it is. It's probably just the language barrier that they can't get over, but I just wish that one time someone would just say, “oh cool” whenever I tell them I listen to K-pop.


Am I weird for thinking all this or do you agree with me? Leave it in the comments down below and tell me what you think about these subjects. Sorry if this wasn't as polished as my usual posts, but I just wanted to rant for once.


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