JYP's SIXTEEN Conclusion Post: My Opinion and Summary

by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


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Dear Patients and Readers,

This is the first post in a very long time because I and the other admins were very busy for a long period. I was actually planning on writing multiple posts on the subject SIXTEEN but because of my tight schedule I just had no time or energy left to do it. But now that I have some free time I will just spit out my thoughts on the show and my opinions on the members and the final lineup.

For the people who don't know, SIXTEEN is a survival show that has been aired on Mnet. It involves 16 JYP trainees who all want to grab a spot in the new JYP girlgroup TWICE. They will be the successors of groups like Miss A and Wonder Girls.

The sixteen trainees are:

Im Nayeon, 1995

Minatozaki Sana, 1996

Kim Dahyun, 1998

Chou Tzuyu, 1999

Son Chaeyoung, 1999

Jeon Somi, 2001

Park Jiwon, 1998

Hirai Momo, 1996

Kim Eunsuh, 2000

Myoui Mina, 1997

Lee Chaeryeong, 2001

Song Minyoung, 1998

Park Jisoo (Jihyo), 1997

Ahnatchaya Suputhipong (Natty), 2002

Lee Chaeyeon, 2000

Yoo Jungyeon, 1996

The 16 trainees were divided in two groups. The major group and the minor group. The major group had a lot of privileges compared to the minor group. The members in the major group were picked by the JYP training staff. Eventually JYP gives a mission every episode and the members from minor that performed better than the major group got promoted to a major member and people from major would go to minor. Their major necklaces were ripped off of their neck.

Here I will show you all the performances from the show.

In this mission the members had to show their star quality. It didn't matter what they did.

Because the second mission was a photoshoot, the photo's can be seen in the members introduction above. This mission was a mission where the members could challenge each other to a one on one battle to steal their major spots from them.

In this mission the trainees were divided in four groups. Minor A, B and Major A, B. They each chose their own song to perform. The two losing teams had to face off with each other again.

In this mission they were once again divided in four groups only this time the members had to do a song by an artist from JYP entertainment.

In this mission the minor girls had a battle with the major girls. Jihyo from major helped team minor for this mission because they didn't have enough members.


If there was anything that I did not expect is that the group ended up to be a 9 member girlgroup instead of a 7 member girlgroup. And also Momo (who was eliminated) was also added to the groupat the very end. At first I wasn't a 100% happy with the lineup because tzuyu is not a very good vocal and dahyun is not a very good rapper. I actually think somi would be a better fit, however it is never a bad thing to let them train a little bit longer. The next girlgroup is going to be a very talented one.

My favourite members in TWICE are Nayeon, the J-trinity (Mina, Sana, Momo) and Jihyo. I literally cannot pick a bias. I know this post may be a little bit sloppy and I could have written it better, but right now this is what I can do with the capacity of my brain. Dr. Hallyu need a doctor hahaha.

Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed this post and gained some more interest in JYP's ew girlgroup. Please comment what you thought of this show or the members.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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