The remedy for that fashion disease...

by: Lilly posted: 4 years ago


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We all know the feeling, you see a MV and you fall in love with the outfit that your favorite artist is wearing. 'I neeeeeed to have that T-shirt', is a thought we all know. Not to even mention the outfits in the dramas or variety shows. Now, we could just copy all those outfits and feel 'unique', because not a lot of western people follow the Korean trend. There is however, always that k-obsessed-friend, who knows where you got your outfit from. Believe me, nothing is more awkward than the 'Omygosshh... are you using that outfit from Happy Together as PJ's! :O'......  person X: 'nooo.........' *laughs awkwardly. I'm not saying that it happened and I'm not denying either. But back to my point. You don't want that to happen. So what's the remedy for this awful disease?! K-FASHION-BLOGGERSS! Some of these bloggers are inspired by dramas or K-artists and mix their style up with their own input and some are just OG all the way. Here are some of Dr. Lilly's favorite bloggers:

Yunique: Yun eonnie is a student who aspires to be a designer. She has a sassy-bad-ass-kind-of-style with a feminine touch. Perfect for a girly/girl with a boyish style. Visit her blog by clicking here!

Rumi Neely: this eonnie has a body to die for! The clothes she wears pretty much caress her body. Her style is sexy and short...well, at least for this summer. Her blog is also a webshop, so if you save up enough you might be able to buy something on sale XD. Click here

Natsu: even though she's not Korean but Japanese and I can never read the things she writes. I love her clothes! She is very laid back with a sassy-chique style. Check out her blog and webshop here!

This is a short selection of my favorite bloggers, there are many more however. Are these fashion bloggers not enough to cure your fashion obsession? Leave a comment for a personal recommendation.  

xoxo Dr. Hallyu

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