My 5 favourite K-pop vloggers!

by: Marcus posted: 5 years ago


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Annyeong people and patients!

Today I will show you my 3 favourite K-pop vloggers and I will explain why I like them so much!


These girls are killing me every time I watch their videos. Their reactions are priceless. The thing I love the most about them is that they are not afraid to go all out, show who they really are and give their opinions regardless what other people think. Their names are Jasmine and Cortney. I really recommend everyone to watch their videos. They make reaction videos of new MV's.

Click here to go to their youtube channel!


The thing that cracks me up with this guy is his humour. Whatever kind of reaction he makes, he always does it with humour. His videos are also always very good quality and he even has his own intro. There is actually another person on this Youtube channel. JRE is the guy and KML is the girl, but it's usually the guy that makes the most videos. He always makes his fans feel good by calling them sexy beautiful people. Overal their videos are very entertaining so please check out their channel!

Click here to go their youtube channel!


OH AMEN TO THIS WOMAN! To be honest she is the blogger that I admire the most because she discusses the things about kpop that everyone else is afraid to say. Things that fans would bash you for because you are shading their ''precious oppa's and unnie's''. But let's be honest: everything she is saying is either the hard truth or just her opinion. And because she is not afraid to give her opinion so openly even though the entire kpop community can see her makes me respect her. I like people who keep it real and don't try to cover up something but just say it the way it is. She is a major blackjack and a lot of her video's are about YG, but she also discusses other stuff in the kpop world. Right now she quit kpop, but still she has made a lot of kpop videos worth watching! Did I mention she also sings and makes covers???

Click here to go to her youtube channel!


The thing I like about these kpop MV reactors is that they're so down to earth with their reactions. They are not pretending to be more excited than they are and I also just like the quality of their videos. I think the thing that distinguishes them from other kpop reactors is the fact that they are being themselves. Actually just like Cortney and Jasmine they have their own flavour to their reactions. Please check out their videos :)

Click here to go to their youtube channel!

Dylan Jacob

Lastly we have Dylan Jacob here. Actually the thing I like about him is that he is a major sone and his videos are just very entertaining. A lot of his videos are about Girls Generation or kpop challenges. Sometimes he makes videos together with his friend Emma and they often do challenges or they just discuss things. He really makes all kinds of videos like reactions, unboxings, challenges, tags, personal stuff, etc. There are a lot of things on his channel worth checking out so I recommend you all do that! The thing I like most is his energy and his personality.

Click here to go to his youtube channel!



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