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A lot of K-pop artists aspire to be known worldwide . Most of them try to debut in different parts of the world, but not everybody succeeds. A popular place to debut is of course U.S.A. Who doesn't want the American fame and success. But how do you really debut in America, Europe or other big countries/continents, as a K-star. Let's see how Korea's biggest agencies handle ´debuting overseas´. S.M. Enterainment Famous for legendary groups such as: H.O.T, S.E.S and Shinhwa. We can see that as an agency S.M. grew a lot from the 90's till now. SM is not only based in Korea but also in Japan under the name of S.M. Entertainment Japan Co. In 2008 S.M. announced that Boa would debut in the USA under S.M.'s new subsidiary label, S.M. Entertainment USA. Boa debuted with the song ´Eat you up´.

Produced by Thomas Troelsen, the song landed on #9 on the HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY Chart. In late November a remix was schedule to be released ft. Flo Rida. The remix however, leaked out in December. Boa performed on various stages but struggled to gain attraction. She returned to the Japanese market. S.M. later ended Boa's promotion officially stating that it would be impossible for her to work on her career in al three territories simultaneously. In 2014 BOA came back with the movie ´Make your move´, the movie however, was rated average. Nowadays there is no other activity from Boa in the USA. We can conclude that Boa transgression to the American wedding wasn't really a big success. Even though S.M. used a famous producer. I think that ´I eat you up´ was too Kpoppish, in terms of the amount of background dancers . If we look at the top 40 Charts of 2008 we see a lot piano song reigned the charts. For example: One republic's Apologize, Alicia Key's No one, Leona Lewis's Bleeding love and Rihanna's Take a bow. They're all songs about the difficulty of love in a more relaxed way of singing whereas, Boa was dancing a lot. A style typical in K-pop. Americans also love the drama in the MV and how it's related to song.

In ´Apologize´ for instants you saw the deep feeling of someone passionately playing the piano. It's a perfect undertone for the aching love song. Boa's ´Eat you up´, was a lovely song but I personally think the MV wasn't right for an American debut. Even though the fame theme fit the rebel love song, I'd think that a visual love story would do the trick. I also think that SM could've done more in terms of promotion etc. to support Boa's career In short I really think that Boa would have had the potential to have a successful career in the USA with more promotion and a better debut MV. JYP What started out as a company that made integrated circuit chips and it eventually fused with multiple entertainment companies and went on to be one of Korea's big Three!. At the head of this company is the singer, actor and biggest stockholder of JYP entertainment, Park Jin-Young. JYP has a subbranch in  America, they recruit most of their artist there. JYP haven´t debuted a lot of K-stars. If we look in the history of K-pop artist trying to enter the American market one group stands out:

The Wonder Girls! 


JYP focused on international activities for Wonder Girls in 2009. The Wonder Girls had more success than Boa, they where the opening act for the Jonas Brother World tour in 2009. They became a hit with ´Tell me´ and their most popular song ´Nobody´. Wonder Girls released an english version of Nobody  before going on tour with the Jonas Brothers. ´Nobody´ eventually entered the Billboard 100 and they were the first Asian group to do so. They also started promoting in Bangkok and parts of Asia. They performed in various stages in  Los Angeles and at the MTV Iggy awards. In 2011 the Wonder Girls even performed at  the special closing ceremony at the Olympics in Greece. In July 2012 the Wonder Girls released their new song ´Like money´ featuring Akon. They performed the song at iheartconcert and were interview by Nick Cannon towards the end of the show. In November Wonder Girls' Sunye announced that she would marry in January 2013.

JYP later announced that the Wonder Girls would be on hiatus. There are a lot of rumors concerning the hiatus of the Wonder Girls, some say they'll never come back and some say it's just a hiatus. JYP have denied that the Wonder Girls would definitely stop. But who knows? The world of Kpop is full of secrets. I think that the Wonder Girls would have been very successful if they hadn't taken a break, but then again they're human. And humans fall in love. Just ask Lee Min-ho and Suzy.

YG Last but not least, my personal favorite agency! With famous actors and famous artist such as PSY, Big Bang, 2NE1 and Epik High, the agency made a revenue of 150 million won in 2012. If were talking about making it big overseas, the only small hit I could maybe remember was PSY. LOL, this horse riding wonder came overnight, I don't think that anybody expected it. PSY wrote Youtube-history with most views everrrrrrrrrrr! The song stuck in everybody's head, landing PSY on the Elle Degeneres show and a CNN interview. In various interviews PSY stated that he didn't expect his song to be such an succes. After Gangnam Style, PSY released the hit song Gentlemen and even did a collab with Snoop Dogg. He even won a MTV music award. A success story in short. But not everybody thinks that way, since PSY couldn't top Gangnam style with any other song. But after PSY, rumor has it that the leader of the girl group 2NE1 would be the next one to debut in the US.

This bad female is scheduled to debut in America this year.

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