Out with a BANG: a look back on BigBangs' MADE series

by: Laura posted: 4 years ago


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Dear people and patients,

After a three-year hiatus, the kings of kpop: BigBang finally had their comeback with their third studio album 'MADE', which was released into the segments 'M', 'A', 'D' and 'E'. From May until August the group released two new songs each month. A quick overview:

'M' Released in May, contained the tracks 'Loserand 'Bae Bae'

'Loser' is a slow song about what it feels like to be a failure. A feeling that everyone can relate to has been transformed into an impressive, heartfelt song.

'Bae Bae' is more uptempo, and contains many elements that some might refer to as 'weird'. Nonetheless, this song will stick into your brains and soon you'll find yourself sing about sticky rice cakes as well.

'A' Released in June, contained the tracks 'Bang Bang Bangand 'We Like 2 Party'

'Bang Bang Bang' is a powerful song with an equally powerful choreography. When listening to this song it is almost impossible not to start dancing.

'We Like 2 Party' is almost the opposite of the previous song. Where 'Bang Bang Bang' has dance beats and uptempo music, this song is much more laid-back and acoustic. Even though the title might suggest this song to be an uptempo dance song as well, it is not at all which is quite a surprise at first, but definitely not a bad choice.

'D' Released in July, contained the tracks 'If Youand '맨정신 (Sober)'

'If You' is another slow song about heartbreak. Even though the topic of this song has been covered by many before, 'If You' is definitely worth listening.

'Sober' is more of a rock song with a drum solo reserved for Daesung in the live performance at concerts. The song is about not wanting to be sober anymore, which is nicely captured in the MV.

'E' Released in August, contained the tracks 'Let's Not Fall In Loveand 'Zutterwhich is a collaboration between T.O.P and GDragon.

Let's Not Fall In Love is almost the complete opposite of the other song in this segment: Zutter, which is a rap song by T.O.P and GD. Where Let's Not Fall In Love is nice and sweet, Zutter is tough and 'badass'. Altogether, 'E' has an interesting combination of songs which will either be loved or hated by people.

In my opinion 'E' is the weakest segment of the 'MADE' series. The songs were okay, but simply not the same level as the other songs on the album.

My personal favorite comeback was 'A', because 'Bang Bang Bang' is a very good song to dance to, while 'We Like 2 Party' is more laid-back and easy-going.

Altogether the boys have created many different songs in various categories, so there will probably be something to love for everybody on this album.

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