K-pop Christmas Top 10

by: Marcus posted: 5 years ago


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Ho Ho Ho everyone!!! Welcome to our very first K-pop christmas top 10 list!

In this list we are going to show your our favourite Christmas songs by K-pop artists or companies. Throughout the years there have been a lot of Christmas songs but here we break it down for y'all so I hope you will enjoy this list!

#10. JYP Nation - This Christmas

This song carries the message of Christmas with it. You can feel the joy that they have on screen and that's all that matters right? Happiness and good times on Christmas Eve. They sing: ''Fall in love this Christmas''. In Korea Christmas is more of a couple holiday than a family holiday, but nonetheless the JYP artists seem to enjoy it with the family!

#09. SM Town - Santa Are You The One

To be honest this song does not stand out music video wise, but it is just the melody that makes it so catchy and it makes you wanna sing along and dance along to it. The song is being sung in english so you can understand every word they say. Normally that would bother me, but this time it doesn't because it is not about the language but about the warm feeling they are bringing over with the song!

#08. Starship Planet - White Love

Oh! I just love it when all different groups of companies come together to sing a song together for once!
Especially when it's a christmas song. I really like the diversity in artists and te voices really fit the song!
The video has a sweet and simple story to it. That makes it easy and enjoyable to watch! The melody gives me a warm feeling. That's the feeling I should have with a christmas song!

#07. Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas

You would think that because it's christmas, Crayon Pop would go easy on us right? Well you thought wrong! Don't let the title mislead you because this happy and uptempo track has you up on your feet in no time! The cool thing about this is even if it's a christmas song they are still succesful with bringing their
trademark sound with them. I think that is what makes this song so great!

#06. BtoB - You Can Cry

BtoB does it again! They are bringing me a song with a really warm vibe. They always amaze me with their mid-tempo songs because I just love their voices, and they didn't disappoint to this day.
The only thing i don't really get is the title. It doesn't really give of the same warm vibe as the song itself
if you know what I mean XD

#05. Daniel & Yoseob - First Snow and First Kiss

This song is purely in this list because of the incredible voices of Yoseob and Daniel. They fit together so well. The music video is also very cute. It really sucks you in. I didn't think the melody was really special, but for some reason I couldn't stop listening when i heard this song.

#04. Jellyfish Entertainment - Because It's Christmas

VIXX, Park Hyo Shin and Seo In Guk's voices in one song! This was bound to be a good song. AND IT IS! I was immediately mesmerized by the amazing melody, atmosphere and ofcourse the amazing singers in the video. I genuinely enjoyed every second of it. This song definitely deserves a high place in this top 10!

#03. Infinite - White Confession (Lately)

I actually never listen to Infinite, But they really did a good job on this song! I am not saying that they don't do a good job normally, but normally their songs don't really appeal to me. This song on the other hand
had the opposite effect on me. It is not like the typical christmas songs out there. The music video is really cute and I like the story. I hope Infinite has more songs like this because i absolutely loved this song!

#02. Sung Si Kyung, Kwon Jin Ah - Don't Forget

To be honest I just discovered this song. It is very rare for me to instantly love a song. Usually i have to get used to songs before I listen to them on repeat. However this song is one of the most beautiful K-pop christmas songs I ever heard. The sensitive but amazing vocals in this song, along with the amazing orchestra playing in the background, make this song so touching and soothing to the ears. I am definitely keeping this one in. I will probably even listen to it when christmas is over.

#01. EXO - Miracles In December

Where do i start... Exactly a year ago this song came out and i didn't know what to expect. As some people may know, Do Kyungsoo is my ultimate bias. The moment i saw the title I expected it to be a ballad. However what i didn't expect was a video and song that moved me to tears. The outstanding voices of D.O, Chen and Baekhyun were so amazing moving and very powerful and beautiful. Words cannot even describe my love for this song. The video is actually very simple and without choreography. The story behind the video is so touching because it fits the feeling of the song and the story is well portrayed. If there is one song that deserves to be on top of this list i think it has to be this one!


I really hope you'll anticipate next year because there will be a lot more awesome new K-pop christmas songs by then. If you also know a good song that you think everyone shoul know of? Then please comment on this post and maybe even with the link!

I hope you enjoyed this top 10 till next time! Annyeong!!!

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