Korean ASMR - What it is and why you should watch it.

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago



ASMR is something I got into a couple of months ago. Since then I have wanted to do a post about it, but never actually got around to it. The reason is that if I write something I do a lot of research on the subject, but every time I start to watch ASMR videos I just start to relax and enjoy them. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me first explain to you exactly what ASMR is.


The technical explanation is this: "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation." Wow, that’s one hell of a mouthful and it almost sounds dirty. Lots of people think this when they hear about it for the first time, but it’s not dirty by any means. At least that’s not its original intention. Of course there are some that branch out and make it dirty, but for the most part it’s about making people feel calm or relaxed. It’s probably still not very clear what it is so let me explain.


ASMR main media today is Youtube. ASMRtist (people who make ASMR videos) upload videos performing certain actions or whispering certain things. These actions are called triggers and everyone is triggered by different things. There is a wide range of subjects that these videos are about. For the most part these videos feature a certain action or sound that is performed and repeated to make you feel relaxed. Some are roleplay videos where the ASMRtist acts out a certain situation and plays a certain role, because some people are triggered by certain situations. There really is something for everyone and I suggest you don’t just stop watching if you don’t like the first ASMR video you see. There are some sounds that I can’t stand and make my skin crawl (scratching on a chalk board), but some sounds make my skin crawl in a good way.


Now this wouldn’t be a Dr. Hallyu post without the inclusion of something Korean. The thing is that ASMR is getting increasingly popular in Korea. There is a great deal of Korean ASMRtists out there and a whole lot of them are incredible talented. Keep in mind that most of them are female, but this is the case with western ASMR as well. Let me introduce to you 5 of the most popular Korean ASMRtists.


TIP: ASMR videos are best watched with a good set of headphones on for maximum effect


ASMR Rappeler

I found out about her while searching for the most popular Korean ASMRtists, so I don’t know that much about her. Her channel is mostly focused on roleplay and eating sounds. Yes people, eating sounds are a thing. While most people don’t like to hear other people eat, some people actually do enjoy it. She also has the obligatory ear cleaning videos, something that every ASMRtist does. These ear cleaning videos are a great introduction to what ASMR actually is. Unfortunately Rappeler doesn’t provide any subtitles to her videos and since she does a lot of roleplay, it’s not the best channel to watch for those who don’t undestand Korean.


Miniyu ASMR

Miniyu is the peson that got me into ASMR. I really can’t remember how I found out about her, but it was right before Shane’s K-pop videos did a reaction to her. Like Rappeler she does roleplay and eating videos, but her channel has a great variety of content. She also provides subtitles for some of her videos. As you can see in the video below Miniyu uses a special dummyhead. Every ASMRtist uses different types of microphones and each microphone sounds different. What is cool about Miniyu is that she has 3 different kinds.


Ppomo ASMR

Out of all the ASMRtists on this list Ppomo is the best for those that can’t understand Korean. She not only does videos in English, Japanese and Spanish sometimes, but for every video she provides a ton of subtitles. In fact scrolling through her playlists you can find subtitles for a total of 17 languages including languages like English, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch and German. Of course she does not subtitle all videos herself, but it is done by her loving fans. She is pretty active and creative with her content, so if you want to find a trigger that suits you I suggest watching her content. She has a series that is called “Finding your trigger” that might be interesting for finding your trigger. One sidenote is unlike the other ASMRtists on this list is that she never shows her full face. While some might find this weird, I think it adds to her mysteriousness.


This next video is not for everyone. It features some pretty intense sounds, but since it has some of my favourites I decided to add it. Skip to 2:22 for the summary. In the description of the video are timestamps for the different sounds.



With almost 300.000 subcribers and close to 50 million views, Dana is the most popular Korean ASMRtist. She is not as active as some most of the others on this list, but when she does bring out a video it’s of amazing quality. Her roleplays have great acting and she even has sets she does her videos in or goes to an actual shop to film. She sometimes also does English videos. Her English is great since she has lived in the States for a while. She is also celebrating her 3rd year anniversary for her channel soon.



Ending this list is my personal favourite ASMRtist Soy. She might not be as popular as the rest on this list, but there is something about her that makes her different from the rest. Her looks help of course, some people compare her to Miss A Suzy, but her voice just makes you (me) melt. She sometimes makes English videos and her English is pretty good, but I personally like her Korean videos better. One reason for this might be that for me the Korean language itself is a trigger. This might explain the reason I like listening to K-pop so much. Around 3 months ago she started providing English subtitles for her videos, which helps greatly with understanding her videos.


Hope this gave you a greater understanding of what ASMR is about. While a lot of people might find it strange, it can actually help with a lot of things. Some people use it to fall asleep. Personally I watch these videos every day and they help calm down my mind (ADHD FTW).


Lastly, thank you if you made it all the way to the end of this super long post. Please leave a like on our facebook page if you enjoyed it and let me know what you personally think of ASMR in the comments down below or on facebook.


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