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by: Marcus posted: 3 years ago


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Hello Readers and Patients,

It has been a while since I last posted something. This time I will be talking about the new girl group from JYP Entertainment. I have been anticipating this group for quite a while now. Around the debut of GOT7 there were rumors of a 2nd JYP boygroup (Day6) and a new JYP girl group (Twice) debuting very soon in the future.That was the moment I had been waiting for those groups to debut.

I have watched SIXTEEN, which is JYP's survival show. You may already know this since I wrote a post about it in the past. There I really got to know the members of the group and also the girls that didn't make the cut. The moment the show ended I was very curious about the debut of the group.

Finally they debuted with 9 members and their title song ''Like Ooh Ahh'' and their brand new mini album. I will be discussing my opinion about the album later in this post. But first, lets introduce the members!

Member: Im Nayeon
Birthdate: 1995. 9. 22
Position: Main Vocal
Nationality: Korean

Member: Yoo Jungyeon
Birthdate: 1996. 11. 01
Position: Main Vocal
Nationality: Korean

Member: Hirai Momo
Birthdate: 1996. 11. 9
Position: Main Dancer/Vocal
Nationality: Japanese

Member: Minatozaki Sana
Birthdate: 1996. 12. 29
Position: Vocal
Nationality: Japanese

Member: Park Jisoo (Jihyo)
Birthdate: 1997. 2. 1
Position: Leader/Lead Vocal
Nationality: Korean

Member: Myoui Mina
Birthdate: 1997. 3. 24
Position: Vocal/Dancer
Nationality: Japanese

Member: Kim Dahyun
Birthdate: 1998. 5. 28
Position: Lead Rapper
Nationality: Korean

Member: Son Chaeyoung
Birthdate: 1999. 4. 23
Position: Main Rapper
Nationality: Korean

Member: Chou Tzuyu
Birthdate: 1999. 6. 14
Position: Vocal
Nationality: Taiwanese

In the beginning I was alittle doubtful of the line-up, but since seeing them perform together on the stage I knew the line-up was perfect. What I like about them most is that they have their own sound. Their album is the perfect representation of their sound. With very upbeat and fun songs like ''Do It Again'' and ''I Think I'm Crazy'' and the powerful and beautiful ballad ''Like A Fool'' I think they have the potential to be one of the top rookies of today.

See their amazing live performance down below.

Like Ooh Ahh (Live)


I hope you all enjoy them twice as much as I do! And please anticipate our next post!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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