Hot Debut: G.Soul

by: Laura posted: 5 years ago


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Hello people and patients!

Dr. Hallyu is here to apply some soothing cream to the burns that were delivered by the amazing debut of G.Soul.

He debuted with the beautiful song You under the JYP flag.
For a lot of people he came out of nowhere. For years there have been rumours about a hidden JYP trainee, but he never debuted. People were thinking he was not in JYP anymore, until suddenly there was a teaser for G.Soul. This is a letter JYP posted online right before his debut:


15 years of passion.

In 2001 I met a child. This child was so shy to the point he could not even make eye contact with people, he was nice and only in Grade 6. To my surprise from his lips came music that was more black than actual black music (what Koreans call RnB/Hip Hop).
It was during the hard stages in his life, where he walked for 2 months to his school in order to save money to buy Boyz II Men tape, he listened to that tape until it wore out. Through the hardships (that he went through) and through listening to that tape he was able to fight through and it all became a part of him. His talent was so shocking, sent him abroad to the US. His debut was not set in stone as a trainee, so all I could do was support him in that situation. But even through that situation he worked hard practicing and he raised himself. His music was at that level that gave shock to artists/music workers in the States. He started to work with one of the best producers in the States in preparation for his American debut album. All of us were just so excited.  But unexpectedly during the middle of preparation for the album, the danger of Lehman brothers being on the line for bankruptcy occurred.  Other music companies felt a threat so they cut all productions that are at high risk/that are a gamble. An Asian who wants to debut in the States was obviously a part of that cut, and all JYP artists promoting or abroad in the States had to return back to Korea. But that child remained in the States. He said he still has so much to learn and so much to do, he said he cannot go back and that he is still lacking. I offered him a debut and promised I would make him Korea’s best, but his mind was set and he did not sway one bit with my words. He ended up remaining by himself in the sStates.
The company could only provide him with little support at the time but by himself in the States he went underground and grew his talent. And for 9 years he produced and composed songs, he came back to Korean and brought 20 songs with him. I couldn’t believe my ears.

That shy child from 15 years ago was now standing in front of me as a incredible artist.


Finally we get to enjoy this incredible artist.

Please support G.Soul in the future!

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