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by: Laura, Marcus posted: 4 years ago


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Dear people and patients!

Words cannot even begin to describe our excitement for this one! Our favourite Llama from F(x) made her solo debut with the song Shake That Brass. Before that she released a pre-release track called beautiful in which she sings herself. Something that she didn't get to do very much in F(x) songs. We'll give you our opinions about her debut songs! ;)

Beautiful (pre-release):



At first I was very much surprised when SM Entertainment announced her solo debut because if anyone went solo in F(x) I expected it to be Krystal or Luna. To be honest I love Amber but my expectations were not very high because I was not so sure what she was gonna do. I knew she could sing a little and rap a little but MAAAAAAN did she blew me away. In beautiful she sings and I was very curious about how she would be in a ballad kind of song. My expectations were exceeded. She sang the song so beautifully and I hope she will sing some more for us in the future.


When I heard that Amber was given a solo debut, I couldn't contain my excitement. She is definitely my bias in F(x) and a great role model for all young girls (and boys). I believe her uniqueness and personality really define her as a person and therefore she is a great addition to F(x) and perfect for a solo debut.

Shake That Brass (Title):

I am lying in my bed. I have a very big smile on my face. Why? Because i have just been slayed by amber's MV for Shake That Brass. My heart already skipped a beat when I saw the teasersbut boy oh boy I loved the full MV sooooo much more then the teasers. I even saw Jackson, Jia and Min from JYP. I never expected to see a JYP artist in a SM Entertainment MV in my life. Next to that, her rapping skills were on point and she and taeyeon were looking gorgeous as hell. I could go on and on and on about how amazing I thought the song and the video were, but let's just put it like this. If amber is planning to make such awesome music in the future then I can't wait for here comebacks!!! :)

I must confess that I wasn't really blown away by the song. I really love Amber and after her release of the song Beautiful I had hopes that this song would be in the same style.

However, I think that this is a song that gets better the more you listen to it, so I'm putting Shake that brass on repeat this week and I'm sure I will be shaking my brass within no time!


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