Things I hated and loved about Produce 101

by: Jeffrey posted: 4 years ago


This article is mostly spoiler proof for those who still want to watch to show. Which I highly recommend if you have not done so yet.


So today is the aftermath of the produce 101 marathon I held yesterday. Somehow I was able to skip episode 9 and 10 in the last two weeks and avoid any big spoilers. The final episode was not yet subbed, but I decided to watch it because I knew I wasn’t able to get through the week without getting spoiled.


But I believe I am getting ahead of myself. For those that don’t know what produce 101 is or have missed it (how is that possible), it was a survival show broadcasted on Mnet. It was a very large scale program with 101 trainees from 46 entertainment companies battling it out for 11 spots that would eventually make up a new girl group. They will be promoting in this group for 10 months before going back to their own entertainment companies and either become trainees again or debut in a group of their own.


This immediately present itself with the one of the biggest problems I had with the show. A lot of controversies came out of this show with the biggest one being the release of the contract terms. It stated that while companies share the music production cost trainees wil not receive any payment for participating in the show. It also stated that agencies and trainees are prohibited from taking any legal actions against manipulated edits made on the show. Basically this means they could portray any trainee in the way they wanted and only show their bad side or good side to the public. Even worse they could cut out some trainee footage completely and make it as if she was never on the show. Now I watched the first episodes several times and some of the trainees don’t show up at all in any of them. So this means that they don’t show up and don’t receive any payment for the work they did. BIG problem in my opinion.


And let’s talk a bit more about the edits being made in the show. Because it was the biggest thing I hated. Their were some members who were extremely horrible and somehow got all the screentime. Those who seen the show know who I am talking about. There were so many talented people on this show and they totally didn’t get the attention they deserved. Because of this and the very bad voting system, the show quickly became a popularity contest. Although now that I think about it, most survival shows are just that. I feel a bit hypocritical saying this though since I was mostly rooting for my favourite girls, especially in the beginning. I am quite happy since most of my favourites made it into the final 11, but I feel that some shouldn’t really be there since there were a lot of trainees who were just better than them.


Some other stuff I hated:

-       My biggest favourites not making it into the final 11

-       Voting system being totally unbalanced

-       Focus on drama between the trainees rather then the training itself


Even though I said before that the edits on the show were unfair, one thing I loved was the chance for some of the trainees to show of what they could do. If not for this show most of them would just be training until they would maybe eventually debut, but some now have a bigger chance to do so because of the show. There were even some trainees that participated that didn’t even have a agency yet and now they are signed under one. There really are so many groups that I will be looking forward to that it will probably be hard to keep up with all of them. Some that didn’t make it into the final 11 have even already started promoting, either solo or in a group.


Now for some this is a good thing and for some a bad thing, but there has not been a show that made me rage and fanboy so much in a span of just a few seconds. I am usually a very calm person, but this show changed me. Once I tried recording a few music video reactions, but I found out I am very boring when it comes down to it. I barely open my mouth and just watch the video very silently and focused. That didn’t happen during this show. For those that know Kspazzing and I know most K-pop fans do, I was exactly the same as them. Shouting, raging and sometimes hitting the pause button during some of the many performances.


Some more things I loved:

-       Seeing certain trainees again that I knew before the show

-       Being able to see interaction between different agencies

-       Having some awesome new songs to listen to


All things combined this show has turned out to be one of my favourites. I really recommend it to anyone who is even slightly into K-pop. Even if it is to just see a glimpse of some of the members of a future girl group you might like. Unless you are of course really not into girl groups, then you should stay very far away from this show. For those people you can look forward to the male version of the show, Boys 24.


If you are interested in the show and it’s members, you can view all of their profiles on this website. You can find it under profiles > produce 101.

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