The Great 2014 RECAP

by: Marcus posted: 5 years ago


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Happy New Year!

My, my, how fast did 2014 fly by! A lot of things happened: new K-groups, separations, movies, dramas, gossip.You name it and the Hallyu-world has been through it. To close off this rocky year with its peaks and depths and for those who don't understand everything that has just been said (or should I say written)...

We present to you our blogs' very first recap!!!

TVXQ 10 year anniversary:

They have come a long way since their debut in 2004! TVXQ or as some may call them DBSK or Tohoshinki, started out with five members: Max Changmin, Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong, Mickey Yoochun and U-Know Yunho. Sadly they split up because Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu filed a lawsuit against their label SM Entertainment. They continued to make music under the name JYJ. Changmin and Yunho remained as the two last members. Together they made 3 more Korean albums and 4 Japanese albums. Their 7th album ''Tense/Spellbound'' is their 10th aniversary album. They have come a long way since their rookie days. But through the years they have proven themselves true K-pop legends! I hope there will be many more succesfull years to come for TVXQ and JYJ!

Sewol ferry disaster: 

Even though this tragedy  wasn´t hallyu related it did influence the K-world drastically. This tragic event took the life of 304 people (mostly students from the Danwon High School) when a Sewol ferry capsized. People from all over the word send their condolence. Other celebrities such as Kim Yuna, Ha Ji Won, Song Seugheon, Ryu Hyunjin, Park Shin Hye and a lot more people went a step further and donated money to support the rescue operation and victim-aid. Actor Kim Soo Hyun (Famous from the drama, Moon embraces the sun) was even criticized by netizens for donating ´too much´ money thus wanting to stand out. Even the famous Korean variety-show ´Gag concert´ stood still at this horrible event, before resuming the regular broadcasting.

Gag concert cast pay tribute to the victims of the Sewol-ferry accident.


AKMU, Winner, Red Velvet, GOT7

This year there have been A LOT of new rookie group debuts, but we are here to present you the rookies we think are the most promising! To start with AKMU. They are a duo consisting of a brother and sister, Suhyun and Chanhyuk. They started out their K-pop adventure at K-pop Star season 2. They won that season and chose YG Entertainment as their company to debut under. They were very promising as they have their own unique sound, write their own songs and are extremely talented. Please look out for them in the future!

Second on the list is Winner. Most of them probably already know them because they had their own reality show before their debut called WIN: Who Is Next! They had to battle against another YG team as team A and team B. Team B (now also known as iKON) lost to team A (now Winner) and has had their own reality show called Mix and Match. Winner had an amazing debut song called Empty and the song instantly became a succes. Winner's popularity keeps growing day by day and they are surely a group to watch out for.

SM's new girlgroup Red Velvet was well anticipated as they were previously showcased in the SM Rookies team. They kinda had a rocky start because the group was caught in a scandal very early in their carreer. There were paper articles about the Hiroshima tragedy and 9/11 in their videoclip for Happiness. However this did not hold them back from performing on stage with all they got. Their debut song happiness wasn't recieved amazingly well, but later on they came back with a totally different sound. They made a cover of S.E.S's Be Natural. They showed off some really sexy but classy moves and they killed it on stage. Please anticipate this group further in their carreer!

Park Bom´s alleged drugs smuggling case:

2014 wasn´t always sunshine and roses for 2ne1´s Park Bom. An old investigation concerning Bom went viral, causing a lot of netizens to wonder why she never got punished. In 2010 Bom was caught trying to use airmail to smuggle 82 pills of Amphetamine from the U.S  In some countries amphetamine is banned, for the simple reason that if abused it can be deadly. However not in all country is this drug banned because for medical purposes it can be very helpful. It is said that these medicines were prescribed by U.S doctors to Bom for medical issues but since she´s alot in Korea, her family helps to collect them. We she tried to take them back to korean the drugs were confiscated by costums in Korea. As a result CEO Yang hyun Suk himself wrote an explanation letter to clear up, something as he sees is a misunderstanding. The letter explained the reasons why Bom needs these medicines. I really thought it was a touching letter, because you see a CEO who´s really concerned about his singer. You don´t see that a lot nowadays, in my opnion.

So, is Bom guilty? I´ll leave that up to you to decide. Just remember that even the biggest Hallyu star is just human.

Ladies' Code accident:

This one in particular took us by surprise. I could say with full confidence that no one expected to hear this when they woke up. One day they were happily promoting their new song ''Kiss Kiss'', and the next day three members of Ladies' Code were in the hospital. In the end RiSe and EunB died because of the damage. Sojung ended up with major woundings, but she survived. Only Zuny and Ashley were left with minor wounds. After rhe accident their song I'm Fine, Thank You topped the charts and their label made a tribute video of behind the scenes footage in memory of RiSe and EunB.

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