Summer girl group comeback ranking 2015

by: Jeffrey posted: 4 years ago


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Dear Patients and Readers,


Take a toilet break and grab yourself something to drink cause this is going to be a long one. Now let me stress beforehand that this ranking is purely based on my own opinion. You will see that quite a bit of fan favourites are missing from this list. SISTAR, Girls’ generation and Wonder girls or not on this ranking primarily because I just like the other songs better. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.

10. Apink – Remember

Released: July 16

The forever cute and pure Apink, just the way I like them. They are the living proof that girl groups don’t always have to do sexy concepts to become popular. Personally I don’t really like it when girl groups dye their hair light and wear contacts, but Apink is pretty enough that I can look past that. Yes people, I am an Apink fan boy and that’s why they are on this ranking while I don’t really like the song that much. Don’t judge me okay.

9. T-ara – So crazy

Released: August 4

The people that know me know that I am a huge fan of T-ara. If you look at my iTunes you will see that I have played all of their songs at least hundreds of times. This song won’t reach that amount. It really misses that distinctive T-ara sound that I fell in love with in the past 6 years. This doesn’t mean I don’t like the song though. It’s still really good, but it’s just not on the same level as most of their other songs.

8. Sonamoo – Cushion

Released: July 20

Let’s move onto the songs that I have been playing non-stop this summer. With a very good debut and now this song, Sonamoo has taken its place on my favourites list. The reason this song is not higher up is because of the lyrics. “He’s like cushion” and “Feel so what? Touch that guy. Feel so tight day and night”. It makes me cringe every time I hear those lyrics, but the song is just too addictive not to listen to it.

7. WANNA.B – Attention

Released: July 20

I would have totally missed this song if it were not for me creating this ranking and watching every single girl group music video that came out this summer. When going through the list of releases I almost didn’t watch the music video because I didn’t know them and I thought they were a boy group. Good thing I doubted myself and checked out the video because this rookie group is amazing and deserves way more attention.

6. Badkiz – Come here

Released: August 7

Most people don’t even know who Badkiz are. They came out last year with two very fun songs. They were described as Crayon pop’s tougher and clubbier counterpart. When I saw they came out with a new song I was very happy, but not so much when I found out that only one of the original members was left. The song doesn’t even have a proper music video, but I had to include it in this ranking because the song is pretty good.

5. Girl’s day – Ring my bell

Released: July 7

Sojin, why did you have to dye your hair blond? You are one the prettiest women in K-pop and you ruined that by dyeing your hair that awful color. There, that’s off my chest. This song has everything that makes up a good Girl’s day song, a catchy tune, powerful vocals and beautiful women. What’s there not to like? Maybe that machine gun snare in the background, but that’s the only reason this song is not higher on this ranking.

4. AOA – Heart attack

Released: June 22

The second song produced by Brave sound on this ranking and not the last one. AOA has consistently been bringing out good songs since their debut. The only duds they brought out until now where “Moya” and “Short hair”. With three wins on South Korea’s music programs, “Heart attack” is definitely their best song until now. And seeing one of my favourite K-pop reactors in the music video was also pretty cool.

3. Stellar – Vibrato

Released: July 20

I’m probably one of the few people in the world that actually liked “Marionette” and “Mask”. No, I’m not talking about just the music videos but also about the songs. Stellar just doesn’t give a f*ck and he girls are not afraid to show off their bodies. I just hope people can look past the sexual innuendos in the music video of “Vibrato” and seriously listen to the song. Only then will they hear that this song is amazing.

2. Hello venus – I’m ill

Released: July 22

Another great release produced by Brave sound. It has a very heavy EDM feel to it, that completely envelops you in sound when you are listening to it with headphones on. Those types of songs are awesome because for a moment all you hear is the song and every background noise is blasted out. I can’t help but wonder though if Brave sound didn’t mix up Hello venus’ song and T-ara’s, because this song has a definite T-ara feel.

1. 9Muses – Hurt locker

Released: July 2

This song is nothing short of perfection. The only thing I will complain about is that at 2:49 in the music video you can see the camera drone in the windshield of the car. After listening to “Hurt locker”, I backtracked and watched all of their music videos. Taking time to learn all their names of course, which proved to be quite difficult with 6 former and 8 active members. I was really surprised that I missed such an amazing group.


Lastly I would like to point out some fun trivia about this ranking.


  • Half of the songs came out during one week, July 16 to July 22.
  • So crazy, Heart attack and I’m ill are produced by Brave sound.
  • Vibrato and Hurt locker are composed by Sweet tune, the composers for most of KARA’s and Rainbow’s songs.
  • I watched over 30 music videos for this ranking.


That was my ranking of the girl groups that came out this summer. I know most people won’t agree with me, but that’s the great thing about K-pop, there is a wide variety of songs for people to like.


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu

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