Favourite K-pop songs of 2016: girl group edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 2 years ago



On the final day of 2016 I bring you my favourite girl group songs of this year. Not only that, because I am a guy and more into girl groups, you can count these as my favourite songs all together. I talked about my favourite boy group songs earlier this week and even number 1 wouldn’t have made it into the top 10.


This year a ton of good songs came out. Because of that reason it was incredible hard to make this list. Up until the very end I was shuffling songs around and most likely I won’t agree with this list in the following week. Rest assured though that the songs that are on this list are my favourite songs, the order may change from time to time.


Like with the boy group edition I am limiting myself to only one song for each group. Because there were so many great songs I am sharing my top 20 with you, but I’ll only talk a bit more in-depth about my top 10. I don’t want you to get bored.


20. Yuri x Seohyun – Secret

19. Rainbow – Whoo

18. Jun Hyo Seong – Find me

17. Fiestar – Apple pie

16. Twice – TT

15. Dia – Mister Potter

14. 4minute – Hate

13. Grace – Trick or treat

12. Laboum – Shooting love

11. D.Holic – Color me rad


10. Sistar – I like that

I am going completely crazy as to what to put on the 10th spot of this list. There are 3 songs that are equally good and all deserve this spot. Eventually I decided on this order, but maybe that will change even as I am writing the rest of this post. (It did)


9. Loona/Heejin – ViViD

I love it when a K-pop company does something new. Block Berry Creative takes a different approach to promoting their new girl group Loona. Every month they unveil a new girl and release a new solo song with that member plus a group song with the unveiled members. Up until now 3 girls have been unveiled and I am greatly looking forward to the rest of the girls that will be unveiled in 2017 and their actual full debut.


8. Red velvet – Russian roulette

Even though I am big fan of Red velvet I kind of disliked this song at first. Only after hearing it a couple more times I started to warm up to it. Now it won’t even leave my head after I listen to it and I am completely okay with that.


7. AMBER X LUNA – Heartbeat

F(x) songs have never dissapointed me and when they started to move from electronic to EDM type songs, I was all the more excited. It filled a hole that T-ara (my favourite group) had left since they haven’t been promoting for quite some time. At least not with their normal type of songs. I really hope F(x) continues to release these kind of music, because I love it.


6. Gfriend – Navillera

The great thing about Gfriend is that they remind of the days when I first became a K-pop fan. A lot of people compare them to early day SNSD and in my opinion that comparison is fair. It’s what makes them so good and draws in a great deal of older fans. It will most likely be next year that decides if Gfriend is a group that will eventually fade or become one of the great names in the industry.


5. I.O.I – Very very very

As a huge fan of produce 101 I really looked forward to what I.O.I was going to do this year. Let’s just say that I was kinda disappointed. None of their songs were that good. When “Dream girls” came out I lost hope, because the song tried to ride the Gfriend hype train and failed miserably. What I mean by that is that it tried to copy early day SNSD and it just didn’t work. Luckily JYP came in to save the day and their final song released as the full group was awesome. It was just too bad so much potential was lost, because I.O.I could have been so much more.


4. Cosmic girls – Catch me

This year really was the year of the new girl groups. A complete overhaul was made to my entire bias list and Cosmic girls is one of those groups that I became a fan of. Not just their music, but also the group itself. At one point I even memorized the names of all 13 members, but that has since faded a little. Even though the way “Catch me” was filmed is kinda bad, I still loved the song. Together with their other song “Secret” Cosmic girls really made a great impression on me this year.


3. Oh my girl – Windy day

For the longest time I thought that Oh my girl would again become the group to bring out my favourite song of the year. Last year their song “Closer” became my favourite song of 2015. This year started with “Liar liar” standing at the top for the longest time before being dethroned by their own comeback “Windy day”. It was not until later 2 other songs pushed it to 3rd place, which is still a very good place to be in.


2. Mamamoo – Decalcomanie

Watch out T-ara, a new group may have come to dethrone you after almost 6 years. Although they are not there just yet, Mamamoo has slowly made their way up my bias list. Not just because of their music, but also because of their stage antics and great sense of humor. They are some of the biggest perverts I have ever seen and it’s hilarious. “Decalcomanie” is their greatest song yet and if a certain group hadn’t debuted this year this song would have been number 1.


1. Blackpink – Boombayah

It’s August 8th, the day of my birthday and I wake up in the morning. I remember a new group released their debut songs when I was sleeping and I grab my phone to watch them. Half awake I watch “Boombayah” and “Whistle”. Kinda disappointed I put away my telephone and grab some breakfast and listen to the songs again and again and again. The more I listen to them the better they sound. At the end of the day I realize I must have listened to “Boombayah” almost 50 times that day and I’m stlll not sick of the song. At that moment it dawned to me: this is going to be my favourite song of 2016. Guess I was right.


2016 sucked as a year because of the great number of groups that disbanded. But it was also a great year with many new groups coming out and great music being released. I personally think it’s the start of a whole new era for K-pop. I hope 2017 will be a great year for K-pop with less disbandments and even greater music.


Everyone, I hope you will have a great and healthy 2017 and to all those that read our content this year, thank you very much.

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