Favourite K-pop songs of 2016: boy group edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago



The whole year I have been keeping a ranking of my favourite songs of 2016. I watched countless music videos to not miss all the great songs that were released this year. Believe me when I say that 2016 was a very good year music wise. There were of course a lot of disbandments and that sucked, but creating a ranking has never been harder in comparison to other years.


One thing I noticed however was that boy group songs were slowly, but surely, being pushed down the list, until they disappeared out of my top 10. As a male K-pop fan I'm just more naturally inclined towards girl groups. So I decided to create two separate lists: one for my favourite boy group songs of the year and the other for my favourite girl group songs. Because both deserve equal amount of attention.


I am limiting myself to only one song per group on this list as it would otherwise be kind of unfair.


10. EXO – Monster

Sorry EXO-L's, please don't kill me for putting EXO this far up the list. It's just that I'm not the biggest fan of theirs. Their music is okay, but somehow I just can't get into them. Out of all the songs they released this year (sub-units included) I liked “Monster” the most. But honestly, I don't listen to it that much.


9. VIXX – Dynamite

VIXX is one of my favourite boy groups, but I was kinda disappointed this year. As usual they slayed concept wise, but musically it just didn't do it for me. I liked “Dynamite” the most out the whole CONCEPTION trilogy.


8. GOT7 – Hard carry

What is there to say about this song? It has a catchy tune, but can someone please explain to me what the hell “Hard carry” means? I have literally no idea. Plus I need to say one more thing: Jackson…. daaaaammmnnn.


7. History – Queen

This song got stuck in my head real quick. The way they pronounced “Queen” just made me laugh. For a while it was pretty high up my list, but as the year went on better songs came out and it moved down. For a while I stopped listening to it all together, but when I was renewing my itunes playlist I discovered it again.


6. N-sonic - Excalibur

The great thing about watching every K-pop MV I encounter is that I find gems like this. I would have never seen it otherwise. I'd also never heard of them and when I looked them up I was shocked to find out they'd already existed for 5 years. The strange thing also was that the dance version of “Excaliber” came out before the actual MV. To be honest the MV doesn't fit with the music at all.


5. NCT 127 – Fire truck

This song came out a while ago, but only recently I started to appreciate it. When I listened to it for the first time I quickly dismissed it. No idea why I went back to it, but “Fire truck” is one of my favourite songs now and I have played it quite a few times. I have since learned not to dismiss a song to quickly.


4. SF9 – Fanfare

I had no knowledge of the group before I watched “Fanfare” other than that they came from FNC Entertainment. Since FNC is known for their bands and because the song was named “Fanfare” I was expecting something completely different. Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised and it turned out even better. Let's hope they keep this style and I might need to add a new group to my bias list.


3. Beatburger ft. BoA – Music is wonderful

Beatburger is not really a boygroup, or are they? No idea, but since they are not a girl group I decided to put them on this list. Beatburger proves that music is indeed wonderful and they release some amazing music. Even their other song “Vagabond” was pretty interesting. Why they have to make the MV for “Music is wonderful” so short though? I just hope they start to release some more music in the coming years.


2. Seventeen – Very nice

This song is very nice (pun intended). The moment it started playing I knew I would like this song. What is there not to like? Just don't tell me to learn all the group members names, because EXO took me a while, but Seventeen almost seems impossible.


1. BTS – Save me

You were expecting them all along weren't you? But what you probably didn't expect is that I would pick out “Save me” as my favourite song of BTS this year. Normally I like bombastic songs, so “Fire” and “Blood sweat & tears” are definitely my type of songs, but I just heard them so much this year that I now find “Save me” just a tiny bit better. Don't get me wrong, the other songs are still great and they would be number 2 and 4 on this list, but I limited myself to only one per group, so “Save me” is my favourite boy group song of this year.


So did I miss any important songs? Do completely agree or disagree? Let me know what your favourite boy group songs were this year in the comments below or on the post for this article on our facebook page.

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