My Comeback Top 10 2014

by: Marcus posted: 5 years ago



Hi guys! this is gonna be my top ten comeback list for 2014! But there were SOOOOOOO many good comebacks this year that i am not sure it is gonna stick to 10 songs XD but at least i am going to try.

to keep it more exciting i am gonna go from 10 to 1!

10. Hyuna - Red
This song was/is my jam because it has this addicting melody and also a very catchy beat. the choreography was on point. i loved every bit of the concept including the monkey dance and the lyrics:''a monkey's butt is red, red is hyuna, hyuna is yeah''. This song is super catchy and i can never get enough of it.

9. BTS - Boy In Love
Who would've thought that the song i used to hate and couldn't stand when it just got released is now in my top 10 of favourite kpop songs of 2014! The reason is i have grown to love bts more and more and MORE! And with my growing love i have also learned to appreciate their music more. So i gave boy in luv another chance and guess what. when i listened to it with some new ears i loved it more and more every second. To the point that it reached my countdown. So congratulations bangtan!

8. Girl's Day - Something
From the moment i heard the intro i knew this song was gonna be something special. Especially since Girl's Day have made such a huge transformation from cute girls to grown and sexy women. I was stunned by the amazing vocals of minah. The song had the right kind of sexiness. Not slutty but classy. What i liked the most is that it was out of the box. I think no one saw this coming from Girl's Day. They surprised me with this amazing song!

7. HIGH4 ft. Lim Kim - A Little Close
When i first heard the song i was absorbed into the videoclip. I really loved the videoclip, especially since Lim Kim was so beautiful. But after it was finished i repeated it instantly. I was hooked by the jazzy instrumentals and HIGH4's soulful voices. That all mixed with Lim Kim's very unique jazzy voice made the perfect combination for a good song. It sounded as sweet as caramel!

6. Fiestar - One More
Strong vocals and beautiful ladies and also a killing choreography... this is bound to be a great song. I really like the melody of this song. When i heard it for the first time i was instantly hooked. It reminded me a little bit of american R&B music. i really like this sound for Fiestar. I hope they make more songs like this!

5. Lip Service - Too Fancy
Where to start! out of all the song in this list, this is probably the song that i most repeated. The beat is so sick and the rappers in this group are so talented. In the beginning i had my doubts about this song because there was a new Lip Service member introduced in this song. Buti quite like her. And they returned with the same style as their song yum yum yum but it even feels like a upgrade to me. For me this song is close to perfection.

4. HA:TFELT - Ain't Nobody
Words cannot describe my feelings towards this song. The Wonder Girls have been on a hiatus for so long that when i heard the news that Yenny was going to make a solo debut I was so happy. But never did i expect her debut t be so raw and so unique. It was so different from the trademark Wonder Girls style. You could really see she was trying to show her true colors here. And it worked really well. She wrote the song herself, the choreography was touching and thrilling and her vocals were outstanding. It gave of a dark vibe but it fit the song perfectly. Every girlgroup member should follow the example of this debut.

3. Park Hyo Shin - Wildflower
This song broke my heart. I remember a friend of mine mentioned Park Hyo Shin's name and i was curious because i had never heard of him. So i looked him up on youtube and this was the first song i saw. Knowing me i would probably click away after the first 30 seconds. But for song reason this man got me hooked to the screen. I could not stop listening to this man's voice until the end of the song. His voice is so beautiful and powerful and the song itself is so raw and controlled at the same time. And if that wasn't enough he also sang his lungs out with his final notes. You could feel every note and every octave penetrate your inner heartstrings. This is probably one of the most beautiful korean ballads i have ever heard.

2. 15& - Sugar
This is probably the comeback that i anticipated the most. I have been following 15& since 2012, the year they debuted. Since i am a loyal jyp stan i could not help but be irritatedat the fact that 15& had only made 2 comebacks in 2 years. that means one song a year. Not even a mini album. Not even a b-track. No, just 2 songs in 2years time. I was starting to get pissed and started to post messages on facebook about how much i wanted them to make a comeback. And boom one week later i got a kakaotalk notice that they were making a comeback. It was fate. In the beginning i had to adjust to the song because it was a very distinctive sound. But once i had gotten used to it i culd not stop listening to it and every other song on the album. YES ALBUM I SAID! FINALLY! So i got my wish. A comeback with a full length album and some of the most outstanding vocals for idols their age! They deserve their spot.

1. B1A4 - Lonely
This is one of the few songs you just can't get enough of no matter how much you listened to it already.The song was written by Jinyoung from the band self. This song is perfect on so many different levels. When we are talking about emotion, great vocals, good lyrics, addicting melody, then this song's got it all. and not only this song. Every song on lonely's album was freakin great! There is really not much to say about this song caue in my ears it was just perfection and the best comeback of 2014!

I hope you all enjoyed my top 10! Some are gonna agree with me and some not, but remember this is an opinion based top 10. You don't have to agree with me. I really enjoyed making this top 10 and i hope you will anticipate more rankings in the future of this blog!

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