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With the official debut of I.O.I. coming up very soon I thought it would be a good idea to look back on some of the performances of produce 101. As you can imagine this post features all the spoilers, so if you have not watched the show yet go watch it now or read my other spoiler free post for more on produce 101.

The 1st release

Before the show even began we were treated to the goodness of produce 101 first title track. It gave everyone a taste of what was to come and set the scale for the rest of the show. It’s amazing to see all the girls dance and sing in unison. It was fun to show the music video to some of my non-kpop fans as most of them were either too scared or overwhelmed to let out even a single word. It is one of my favourite songs to come out of the show and because of it I fell in love with produce 101 and its participants.


1st evaluation

In the first 2 episodes we were shown the agency performances where every participant was ranked from A to F. This was neccessary as not everyone was at the same level of skills. Many the performances were not so good and some of the mediocre ones were not even shown. But as with most of these shows there are some gems that stand out. It’s hard to single out a single performance, but among the best ones was definitely the girls of Jellyfish Entertainment. They are the only agency that had multiple participants who all received an A ranking. Two of them made it into the final line-up with the third one almost making it.


Another amazing performance was done by Kim Juna from MusicK. Vocally she was the best out of everyone, but she still was ranked in C because of the fact that she couldn’t dance at all. She got a lot of critique for being Kim Soohyun's half sister and was accused of using her half brother as a way to become famous. During the competition she proved to be talented in her own way.


Group battle evaluation

There were many performances that were good during the group battle performances, but one impressed me the most. It was the first group who performed “Into the new world”. For these group battles two groups competed against each other with the same song. All eyes were on group 2 as they got the nickname: the avengers. The team consisted of almost only participants who already had a huge fanbase even before the show. Group 1 had an amazing performance blowing everyone away as the main vocalist hit the highest notes with ease, but it was all for nothing as group 2 still won even though the main vocalist's voice cracked several times. In my opinion group 1 should have won even though group 2 was filled with some of my favourite participants of produce 101, but it seems like popularity is a powerful thing.


Position evaluation

The round with the best performances out of the entire show has got to be the position evalution. The girls had to pick a song within a certain position they were comfortable with and bring the audience an amazing performance. And that is exactly what they did. Every single one deserves to be highlighted one more time, but if I had to pick two clearly jump out for me. First one is the performance by the second coming of the avengers. This time the group consisted of a roster of popular girls with only one ranking in the top 30 and the rest ranking in the top 20 again. And this time they did deliver. With very powerful dance moves and the amazing expressions of Choi Yoojung everyone was impressed as you can see in the video.


One the other side was the group that consisted of mostly unpopular girls that were at the bottom of the ranking. But as aptly noted by one of the trainers “the smallest peppers are the spiciest”. Most of them saw this as their last chance to go up in the ranking and they gave us a performance that some say even outdid the avengers' team. Unfortunatly most of them were eliminated at the end of this round, but they did give us an amazing performance.


Concept evaluation

Let’s just get down to it immediately, there has not been a song and performance on produce 101 that I watched more than “24 hours”. I must have watched it almost a hundred times and every time I can’t sit still. That’s why it blows my mind that it ranked last out of the five songs that were performed during the concept evaluation. Maybe because it was the first song to be performed or that is was filled with some unpopular girls, but is by far my most favourite performance.


Last performance

Lastly we of course have to include the final performance done by the participants who made it to the final episode. It features the final 22 girls divided into two groups and performing a part of the song before doing the ending together. The song was to be their official debut song, but it was later decided that another song would be chosen.


So, do you agree with my picks or are there any other performances that you would have picked? Let me know on our facebook page. If you want to see some more performances check out the playlist below and for more information on I.O.I check out their profile here.


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Best performances of produce 101

With the official debut of I.O.I. coming up very soon I thought it would be a good idea to look back on some of the performances of produce 101. As you can imagine this post features all the spoilers, so if you have not watched the show yet go watch it no...

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