25 shocking pairs of female K-pop artists that were born only 1 month apart

by: Jeffrey posted: 2 years ago



Twice Tzuyu - Oh My Girl Arin


I.O.I Jieqiong - Cosmic Girls Yeoreum


Gfriend SinB - Lovelyz Yein


April Chaewon - I.O.I Chaeyeon


Twice Mina - Blackpink Lisa


I.O.I Sejeong - Red Velvet Joy



AOA Chanmi - Apink Hayoung


Gugudan Nayoung - I.O.I Nayoung


Mamamoo Hwasa - Apink Namjoo


Mamamoo Wheein - Oh My Girl


Hello Venus Yooyoung - Cosmic Girls Xianyi


Miss A Suzy - F(x) Krystal


Fiestar Yezi - Heo Youngji


Apink Naeun - Red Velvet Seulgi


AOA Hyejeong - F(x) Luna


Lovelyz Jiae - T-ara Jiyeon


Girl's Day Minah - IU


Gugudan Hana - Sistar Dasom


Nine Muses Keumjo - Mamamoo Moonbyul


Wonder Girls Lim - F(x) Amber


Lovelyz Baby Soul - After School Lizzy


Dia Eunice - After School Nana



SNSD Seohyun - Rainbow Hyunyoung


Apink Chorong - Red Velvet Irene


Mamamoo Solar - 2NE1 CL


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