K-pop 101: #24 youtube edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago



While most K-pop artists go through a huge training process before becoming known by fans, there are some artists out there who first became famous on youtube. Here are several K-pop artists who have started out on youtube.


Ladies’ Code Ashley

Ashley started her channel ashleych0i about 9 years ago. She posted dance covers of famous K-pop songs together with her friends. The channel has been inactive for 4 years now, but this is most likely due to her career as a K-pop artist. She debuted in the group Ladies’ Code in March of 2013 as the leader of the group. A little over a year later the members were involved in a car accident that proved fatal for members Rise and EunB. Afterwards the group saw their first major success on music charts due to people trying to fulfill EunB’s dream of topping a music chart. Eventually their song “I’m Fine Thank You” would top a total of 5 different realtime charts.



Ailee started her youtube career on the channl mzamyx3, all the way back in January of 2006. On the channel she posted videos of her doing covers and of her performing. Most likely there are a bunch of videos that are now either privated or deleted due to her fame as a K-pop artist. One and a half year later she opened a different channel called aileemusic as she wanted to become more professional with her singing. During her time in America she was signed under the American label Muzo Entertainment. She sang with artists such as Johnnyplo and Decipher. Some clips of these performances can still be viewed on her old youtube channel. In 2010 she moved to Korea to debut as a K-pop artist and most of us know how that ended: very well.


Eric Nam

Eric started his channel EricSinging up in August of 2007. Like Ailee he posted covers of songs, both Korean and English. After some of these covers a representative of JYP suggested he do an audition at their office in New York. During this time he had exams he had to focus on so he wasn’t able to audition. Later he posted a cover of 2NE1’s “Lonely” and with this song he made it through the youtube round of MBC Star Audition 2. MBC flew him to Korea to participate on the show. After being in the competition for 8 months, he would make it into the top 5. After several activities he joined B2M Entertainment as a solo artist in September of 2012. A few months later he debuted with his first single “Heaven’s Door”.



Kasper has several channels including SerineTV, SerineSings and 11x11PM. The last one is her current active channel were she still posts on, although not too frequently. She also collaborated and appeared on several youtube channels including Seoulistic and WISHTrendTV. Somewhere during her youtube career she became a trainee and trained at several different companies. She woud eventually debut under the label Baljunso with the co-ed group Play the Siren. During her time with the group she participated on the second season of the show “Unpretty Rapstar”, but she was eliminated before the semi-finals. Last June it was announced that she had left her group and joined DSP Media.


Megan Lee

Out of all the people on this list Megan has been the most active on youtube with her channel cutiepiemeg918. She began her career at the age of 10 and appeared in a great deal of commercials and TV programs. Like Eric Nam she appeared on MBC Star audition 2 and made it into the top 13. She first released songs as an independent artist, before singing on with Korean label Soul Shop Entertainment for her official debut single “8dayz”. Later however she filed a lawsuit to nullify her contract due to her supposedly being abused by the management, along with several other complaints. She is currently part of “Make It Pop”, a K-pop inspired musical series on Nickelodeon. I watched some clips and OMG, the cringe is real.



Since I’m talking about K-pop artists on youtube I have to mention Amber and Luna from F(x). Amber started a youtube together with her friend Scott. On the channel she does a variety of things including challenges, Q&A’s and other random funny stuff. Luna recently opened a youtube channel for her birthday and has only uploaded one video as of now. The channel will give a look into Luna’s life and of what she is up to.

What the Pineapple: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD-aVzvsQsFizfMSuUSN9cA

Luna’s alphabet: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC06v2Mqte9cfn-3SMwpvFUA


Since next time time is the 25th edition of K-pop 101, I will be talking about several of my favourite songs of all time. So if you are interested in that, see you then.

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