K-pop 101: #20 western inspiration

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago



There are quite a few K-pop music videos that take inspiration from western fairytales or stories. Here are 5 music videos that in some way adapt or reference one or multiple stories.

Davichi – Time Please Stop

This music video shows a modern take on the fairytale Snow White, complete with the huntsman, evil stephmother and dwarves. However, this time the dwarves are not miners, but lumberjacks and they are not with 7, but with 5. The only thing that seems to be missing is the mirror. Snow White is also quite different. She is a party girl who can stand up for herself, so you won’t see her being woken up by prince charming. She is played by Eunjung from T-ara, who used to be from the same label as Davichi. Since 2014 their contract with Core Contents Media (now MBK entertainment) expired and the duo signed on with CJ E&M.


Brown eyed girls – Kill Bill

I can’t think of any other K-pop group that would be more suited than the Brown eyed girls, to make an adaption of Kill Bill. The members of the group are very charismatic and I feel they would definitely not be out of place if they would appear in the actual movie. The music video shows some iconic scenes from the movie, but they are slightly changed to better suit a music video. You have all the members fighting each other and this is slightly different from the movie where the Bride fights her former crew. The song was co-composed by the leader of the group, JeA.


Wonder boyz – Tarzan

Most people only found out about the group after their disbandment. This happens quite a lot. A group releases some singles, it doesn’t go well and they announce their disbandment. Through this people suddenly notice the group, but then it is already too late. Wonder boyz only released two singles: “Open the Door” and “Tarzan”. It is self explanatory which story that last one is inpired by. The music video features some cool scenes with a comic book style approach, but I feel that some parts are a bit weird. Especially the ending is kind of strange and the inclusion of 007 came out of nowhere. The greatest part for me was the female lead, which is Hyeri from Girl’s day. Although I have to say I’m kind of biased since I am a Girl’s day fan.


AOA – Get Out

AOA started out as band, but this only lasted for 2 songs with “Get Out” being the last one. After that they only promoted as a band as part of their AOA Black sub-unit. The music video for “Get Out” shows the members playing as a band, dancing and as a character from a movie. Some of them are a bit unclear unless you are a complete movie nut, so I will list them under the video. Try and guess them first and let us know in the comments how many you got.

In order of appearance:

  1. Choa – Legally Blonde
  2. Yuna – Tomb Raider
  3. Youkyung – The Fifth Element
  4. Seolhyun – Romeo and Juliet
  5. Chanmi – Harry Potter
  6. Hyejeong – Kill Bill
  7. Mina – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  8. Léon: The Professional


Twice – Cheer Up

Although the main concept is cheerleading, Twice had a similar music video to AOA where they portrayed characters from a whole bunch of famous movies. The music video was a great success and gained 10 million views in only 5 days. With the song they scored their first trophy for a music show on M! Countdown. This coincided with their one year anniversary since the airing of Sixteen, the survival show that formed the group. As with AOA, try and guess which movies appear in the music video. There has not been a message from the label or the girls themselves who they portray, but I think this article is fairly accurate.


Sorry for the late post today. Most of the time I try to post on Wednesday at 10 AM UTC, but it is currently incredibly hot and concentrating in this weather is extremely difficult. Next weeks post I’m going to show you some music videos where groups appeared before their debut.

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