K-pop 101: #18 story edition

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Dear readers and patients,


There are quite a bit of music videos out there. On a daily basis somewere between 3 and 4 videos come out. Most of these are focussed on showing of the artists talent in dancing or singing, but there are some out there that go a step further and try to tell a great story.


K.Will – Please don’t

K.Will is a artist that has been active as mostly a ballad singer since 2006. He has also been active as a radio DJ for SBS Power FM, one of Korea’s most popular radio stations. He collaborated with a great deal of artists throughout his career and most of the time he doesn’t appear in his own music videos. For his music video for “Love Blossom”, he is seen only for 10 seconds, before being killed. It was his first appearance in one of his own music videos. The music video for “Please don’t” is used for a lot reaction videos, most of these videos feature non k-pop fans. This is done for a reason and if you have not seen the music video yet, I’m going to spoil it.


MYNAME – Baby I’m sorry

My Name or better known under their stylized name MYNAME was created by former Fly to the Sky member Hwanhee and are currently under H2 Media. The five members were trained by Hwanhee for 2 years, before debuting in 2011. They have been active in both Korea and Japan and they have recently finished a tour in Japan. In September they will be coming to Europe and will be having concerts in Warsaw, Bucharest, London and Paris. The music video for “Baby I’m sorry has a great story and it is rated 19+ for a reason. So younger readers please be aware of this. It has a great deal of violence and blood so anyone who can’t stand that, shouldn’t watch it.


B.A.P – One shot

Another music video filled with quite a bit of violence near it’s ending is B.A.P’s “One shot”. The music video features shots of both dancing and story scenes. The acting is not the best, but is good enough to keep you hooked to the ending. One tip is to keep watching the music video all the way to the end and I mean all the way to the actual end. I’m not going to spoil the surprise any further. Again warning to the younger readers, this music video is rated 19+.


T-ara – Day by day / Sexy love

The two lenghty music videos of “Day by day” and “Sexy love” are almost like a episode straight out of a drama series. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world were two sisters fight together for survival, between hords humans who have turned to almost beast like behavior. The older sister tries to protect the younger one, who is blind. The music videos show that a sisterly bonds can’t easily be broken. It is not the first time T-ara has brought out a drama like music video, as they did the same thing for “Cry cry” and “Lovey dovey”, but “Day by day” and “Sexy love” are better in my opinion. If you have the time and have not seen them yet, you should check them both out. And yet again warning for violence and blood. A little side note, if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t check out the behind the scenes after the first music video.



Did I miss any great music videos with good stories? Share them with us in the comments down below.


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu

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