K-pop 101: #2 sexy girls edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 4 years ago


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Dear readers and patients,

A big reason for guys to get into K-pop is because of all the sexy girls. It was one of the big reasons that got me hooked on it. When I tell most people I listen to K-pop they look at me weirdly and ask “Isn’t that just for girls?”. So here are some music videos that should convince most guys that K-pop isn’t just for girls.

After school – Flashback

After school is a group that debuted in 2009, with a concept that was inspired by the Pussycat dolls. They started with five members and from those five original members only one is left. Six other members joined after various singles making it a seven member group right now. After school is mostly know as a performance group. For a lot of their music videos they learn skills like drumming, tap dancing and pole dancing. Their music video for Flashback is one their sexiest videos and shows off one other thing they are known for: their long legs. Enjoy.

Hyuna – Bubble pop

Seen Gangam style? If your answer is no, then came out from under that rock you have been living under. Hyuna is the girl from Psy’s video and is actually a member of the group 4minute. She also has some solo music videos. I don’t think she is that pretty and sexy myself, but from what I read and heard most guys find her one the sexiest in K-pop. The thing I find to be a bit of turn off with Hyuna is that she tries to be sexy and cute at the same time. Especially in her video for Bubble pop, this is something she really tries hard to do.

AOA – Like a cat

Ace Of Angels is a group that started out very differently then a lot of other girl groups. Their concept was that of a dance group with some members that play instruments. They even added a special band member (drums) that is only part of the group when they play as a band. After a couple of music videos with this concept they switched to a sexy concept. In K-pop this happens a lot. First they have a cute, pure or unique concept before switching to a sexy concept. With some groups this switch goes wrong, but not with AOA. Like a cat is their latest music video.

Stellar – Marionette

Stellar is also one of those groups that went from cute to sexy. Only with Stellar the switch did go wrong. They went from a super cute style to really sexual. On their facebook page they even had a “stripping game” where fans had to like posts to reveal photos of the member’s body parts. They received a lot of criticism for their music video Marionette that received a 19+ rating in Korea. Despite all the criticism and almost 1 like to 1 dislike at one point on their music video, it is their best selling single.

Sistar – Give it to me

Sistar is known as one of Korea’s most curvaceous groups. Sistar’s leader Hyorin is even known under the nickname “Korea’s Beyonce”. Making a comparison with Beyonce might be taking it a bit too far, but compared to all of the other skinny women in K-pop she is one of the few that comes the closest. But it’s not just because of her body that she is called “Korea’s Beyonce” but also because of her amazing voice. Just watch the music video and try to find out which one of the four members is Hyorin, if you don’t know already. I am sure you can figure it out. Oh and the guy at the end of the music video is a very famous Korean comedian. Just ignore him. He’s weird.

That concludes my first list of some of the sexiest ladies in K-pop. There are a lot more as you can probably imagine so I will see if I can create another list later. But I should be fair to all the girls out there so the next article will be “K-pop 101 #3: hot guys edition”.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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