K-pop 101: #4 over the top edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 4 years ago


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Dear Patients and Readers,

It’s time for some nice over the top K-pop. Everyone has his or her own opinion of what is over the top. But in this case I have picked some music videos that, I think everyone can agree on really fits this theme. These videos are fun, quirky and by the end of the day I can assure you one of them will still be stuck in your head.


4Minute – Whatcha doin today

Let’s start with “Hyuna and her backup dancers”. If you search around the internet for the group 4minute you will see this phrase quite a bit. The reason is that most people only know Hyuna’s name and she is the most popular. Having an appearance in the 2 billion view count wonder Gangam Style might also have something to do with it. Having similar names also makes their names pretty difficult to remember. Hyuna, So-hyun Ji-hyun, Ji-yoon and Ga-yoon. Easy, right? Well, not for me and I can imagine a lot of other non-Koreans as well. Let’s do a little test. See if you can remember all of their names by the end of the article. If you can you will get a cookie…. or not, we’ll see.


Block B - Very good

This song is good. Very very good (pun intended). Block B’s name is short for Blockbuster, which means being successful or a successful production. In my opinion, it’s a name that fits them very well. They may not be one the most popular boy groups out there, but they are pretty close to becoming one. The group was formed by Cho PD, a pretty famous hip hop record producer and rapper in South-Korea. He spent a whopping 1,4 million dollars to create this 7 member hip hop group. They debuted in April 2011 and during their rookie period the group had a lot of bad stuff happen to them. Here is the short version.

  1. Debut
  2. Not being paid for a whole year
  3. CEO steals 66,000 dollars from the members’ parents
  4. CEO kills himself
  5. Group sues the label to get a total of 390,000 dollars back that they earned
  6. Group loses the court case.

Fortunately for them since they started performing under a different label everything has been smooth sailing since then.


Ulalasession - Beautiful night

Ulalasession was an amateur group before they joined the third season of South-Korea’s biggest talent show Superstar K. During the show a lot of the audience were moved by the lead singer struggle against stomach cancer. Because of this they gained popularity and this led to some speculation in the media that his story was made up. The group managed to win the competition and a few months after that during a talk show the lead singer brought with him his actual doctor. On the show the doctor confirmed that he did suffer from stomach cancer. Unfortunately, Lim Yoon-taek passed away on February 11, 2013. The group has not been active after that. But let’s not be down about it and enjoy this amazing and happy song.


Lim Chang Jung - Open the door

This video deserves way more views than it already has. As I am writing this article the video has almost 9 million views. That’s a lot views, but it has the potential to beat Gangnam Style. Well, in my opinion at least. It has a catchy beat, lots of cameos and a dance everyone can dance to. The meaning of the video might be a bit confusing especially if you can’t understand Korean. It’s about Korean society becoming less about respecting their elders and peers. In South-Korea this is a very big deal. They have an entire honorific system based on age, experience and social standing. They even have formal and informal speech. The only sad side about this song is that it’s a cover and the original group and song weren’t popular at all. The original group that released the song is called Wonder Boyz and has since disbanded.


T-ara - Yayaya

T-ara is the group that got me into K-pop and they have been one of my favourite groups since the beginning. For fun, once you start the video, you should turn on the subtitles that this video has. And…. you still won’t understand what the lyrics are about. The lyrics are 10% Korean, 10% English and 80% gibberish. This is what makes this song so good, there is no language barrier. The Koreans understand it as much as we foreigners do. This video did get some negative comments because of the Native American theme, but I don’t care. It’s fun and catchy. Hope you think so as well.


Pop quiz. Did you remember the names of the members of 4minute? If you did sorry, I already ate all the cookies. Better luck next time. Since we are talking about cookies how about we do the K-pop 101 #5: dark edition next time.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu


P.S. If you don’t get that reference you should study up on your internet memes.

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