K-pop 101: #27 old school edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago


These days K-pop groups come at such a big rate, that it’s really hard to keep up. Most of us try so hard to keep up with the releases of our favourite groups, that we hardly pay attention to the people who made K-pop possible. Because there are some out there who are still active to this very day.


As one – The Pain I Caused

Debuting all the way back in 1999, As One is a female R&B duo signed with Brand New Music. This is the same label that also houses popular artists such as Rhymer, Verbal Jint and San E. Both members of the group are Korean-Americans and are from Los Angeles. Both Lee Min and Crystal are married, which is pretty unique for an active group, although not as much as it used to be. Crystal even gave birth to a son in March of 2014. To those who have never listened to the duo might be surprised, as Lee Min voice is extremely similar to former Girls’ Generation member Jessica.


Sechs Kies – Infinite Challenge Final Stage

Time to get really old school. Sechs Kies are one of the original K-pop boy groups. They debuted back in 1997 and were active for a total of 3 years before disbanding back in May of 2000. This was due to the members agreeing to disband at the height of their popularity. 16 years later and only one day of from their 19th anniversary since their debut they held a surprise reunion concert. This was arranged by the popular variety show Infinite Challenge. Only five of the six members were set to appear as one of the members retired from entertainment completely, but the members of the show were able to convince him to show up. Five of the members have now signed with YG Entertainment and will start promoting again.


Cherry Filter – Andromeda

Even though Cherry Filter is not a K-pop group, but a rock group, I still wanted to talk about them. This is because they have been active in the Korean music industry for almost 20 years now. The consists of vocalist Cho Youjeen, drummer and rapper Sonstar, bassist Yaenhead and guitarist Zin. What’s so unique about the group in my opinion is that they are a rock group with a female vocalist. It’s not something you see very often in Korean music. Outside of rock music they have brought out a variety of song within other genres like punk, rave and trance, but of course also several ballads. If you enjoy “Andromeda” you should check out some more of their music, because they are very talented. Which is pretty obvious since they survived for almost 20 years.


Turbo – Again

For those that watch the variety show Running Man, you will know at least one member of this group, Kim Jong-kook. He debuted together with Kim Jung-nam back in 1995. They took the Korean dance scene by storm and became one of the most popular groups in Korea during their early promotions. However this didn’t last long as the group had problems with their management. Eventually only Kim Jong-kook returned to their label and with the addition of new member Mikey they regained their popularity. 5 years after Turbo’s debut the group disbanded due to Kim Jong-kook’s contract expiration and Mikey’s expiring visa. Because of their 20th anniversary the group decided to come back again and bring out new music. This time with all three previous members.


Bada – Amazing

Bada was part of one of the very first female idol K-pop groups, S.E.S. Together with Fin.K.L. and Baby VOX they established K-pop as it is today. The three groups were at the forefront of the Hallyu Wave and we must be very thankful to them, as without them K-pop as it is today may have not existed. Bada was the leader of the group and after the groups disbandment has been active as a solo artist. She has also been very active as a musical artist starring in ten musicals to date. She also has won several awards for her musical prowess including the “popular star award” twice in a row at Korea’s Musical awards.


Hope you gained a little bit more appreciation for the artists that have active in our favourite music genre for a long time. Because of their efforts we get to enjoy amazing music and so much more on top of that. I might be posting a bit less in the following weeks as I will be going into my finals soon. But don’t worry after that I will be back and will have even more time to bring out new content and improve the website.

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