K-pop 101: #22 mobile edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago



For this new entry of K-pop 101, grab your cellphone and read this article on it. Why? Because all of the video’s on this list are specially optimized for mobile and can be viewed in portrait mode.

Epik High – Born Hater

One of the first videos I encountered that used the portrait mode style of filming. Up until then this style of filming was mostly used for fan cams. The reason for this is because most people watch these videos on the computer and want a full screen, not one where you have those ugly black bars on the side. “Born Hater” is a collaboration with some great rappers. Included in the video are Epik High, Beenzino, Verbal Jint, IKON’s BI and Bobby, and Winner’s Mino. BI, Bobby and Mino appeared in this video before their official debut with their groups, but they had already been quite active in the industry before that.


MAMAMOO – Girl Crush

When I first saw this video I was like “Hell yes a new MAMAMOO song”, but I was slightly confused as to why the song was so short. After looking at the title it appeared to be an OST for something called Innisia Nest. Based on the video I thought it was the title song for some new comedic drama series, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It is for a mobile action RPG. The game is only available in Korea itself, so I couldn’t check it out, but based on the trailer it looked like a standard microtransaction based mobile game. The song has no connection to the game whatsoever, expect that the title says “Innisia OST”. Kind of strange, but you won’t hear me complain, because an extra MAMAMOO song is always good.


Jerry.K – #MicTwitter

Jerry.K is a rapper that has been active in the industry for over 14 years. He was the co-founder of independent record label “Soul Company” together with rapper Keebee. The record label was founded in 2004, but it closed its doors in September of 2011. One of the reasons that were given was the leave of co-founder Keebee for his mandatory military service. The rapper is highly active on twitter and has made close to 56.000 tweets until now. He is also pretty active on instagram and he even has his own tumblr page. As the name suggests the music video utilizes twitter. Every verse is only 140 characters long. The video was filmed as he was tweeting the lyrics on his own twitter account.


EXID – Only One

Once this music video starts it’s as if your phone has been taken over. It’s a very cool idea and perfectly utilizes the portrait mode utilities of youtube. It’s pretty hard to understand the music video if you can’t understand Korean. The music video start with a girl calling “My love Minjung”, but no one picks up. She then opens up Korea’s messaging service TALK and she sends the message “I miss you”, but you can see that there have been no replies for a while. She then goes to facebook and you can see messages to Minjung saying goodbye. At 2:18 she goes to Minjung’s facebook page and it becomes clear that he has died. The song was released by EXID members Hani and Solji. The fans of the group see this as a Dasoni comeback (sub-unit of EXID), but it was not promoted as such.


GIRIBOY – I’m in Trouble

GIRIBOY started his career in 2011 under Just Music Entertainment, a label founded by rapper Swings. Both rappers participated in the highly popular show “Show Me the Money”. Swings was a contestant on its second season and reterned as a producer for the third season. GIRIBOY was a contestant on season three. He also appeared on the reality show “No Mercy”. In it he made songs with the contestants, that would later debut as the group Monsta X. Featured on the song “I’m in Trouble” is Loco, another participant of “Show Me the Money” and the eventual winner of its first season. “I’m in Trouble” is another music video that utitilizes portrait mode perfectly. It’s as if you are looking at the cover of a magazine.


For the next edition I have another entry based around the mobile functions of youtube. So see you next week with K-pop 101: #23 360 edition.

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