K-pop 101: #1 an introduction

by: Jeffrey posted: 4 years ago


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If you look for what K-pop exactly is, wikipedia will tell you this.

K-pop (an abbreviation of Korean pop) is a musical genre originating in South Korea that is characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements. Although it comprises all genres of "popular music" within South Korea, the term is more often used in a narrower sense to describe a modern form of South Korean pop music covering mostly dance-pop, pop ballad, electronic, rock, hip-hop, R&B, etc.

Most people know K-pop from the viral hits Gangnam Style and Gentleman by Psy. Although technically Psy does belong to K-pop most fans will cringe and scold at you for saying so. It is so much more than just the sillyness that is Psy. For this first post I will probably be taking long time fans down a trip to memory lane. For those completely new to K-pop let me introduce you to a wondrous world.

The cute

Cuteness, a theme found in many K-pop music videos. In Korea there is even a term for it: aegyo. It shows itself in many forms from ‘natural’ to ‘alright that’s creepy’ to ‘OMG act normal or I will punch you in the face’. In the beginning most people laugh at it but eventually it will hypnotize you and you will melt at the mere thought of it. A perfect example to start out with is Girls’ Generation’s Gee. This song from 2009 was the most watched K-pop music video before Psy came out with his video.

The cool

Now everyone has a different opinion of what is cool or not but most K-pop fans will agree that the group Big Bang is in fact pretty cool. Big Bang’s fantastic baby is definitely what I would call a cool song. It is also one of the most watched K-pop songs on youtube with almost 140 million views.

The crazy

Most people like a bit of crazy from time to time. I know I do. Luckily K-pop gives you plenty of it. Well actually even more than plenty. Xiah Junsu’s Tarantallegra is one of those videos. Yes, the song is based of the spell in Harry Potter. For anyone who doesn’t know or remember, Tarantallegra is a spell that makes you dance uncontrollable. Keep that in mind when you watch this video.

The creepy

Still here reading this. OK time to kick it up a notch. Lee Jung Hyun’s V is as creepy as it gets. Well maybe not but I don’t want to scare you away just yet. The music video takes some time to begin but don’t skip because there is an actual plot in this video.

The OMG what did I just watch

WARNING: watch at own risk. I suggest you don’t watch this in public or anywhere people can see you watching this video. Also people of young age should not watch this. Don’t tell me afterwards that I didn’t warn you.

To all those K-pop newbies out there that actually finished reading this post and watched all the videos, welcome to the K-pop world. You will never be allowed to leave, mwhahahahaha. Ahem……. sorry about that. I get a little fanatic sometimes while converting people to the K-pop fandom. I will be writing lots of K-pop 101 posts so be sure to check back here once in a while. The one I will be writing next is about one of my favourite subjects, it will be K-pop 101 #2: sexy girls edition.

K-pop 101: #2 sexy girls edition

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