K-pop 101: #3 hot guys edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 4 years ago


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Hello Readers and Patients,

In my last article I promised to create “K-pop 101 #3: hot guys edition”, so here it is. Now to be honest, I found it difficult to create this list. That’s why I asked some lovely ladies to help me out during a K-pop meeting and help me they did. If you can’t stand the sight of some bare chested guys click away right now. If the idea intrigues you by all means please continue.

Rain - Love song

Let’s start this list of with Korea’s most desired man: Jung Ji-Hoon or better known under his stage name Rain. Guys want to be him and girls want to be with him. Why? Here is a ‘little’ list to convince you.

  • singer with currently 7 albums and 28 singles
  • writes his own music
  • used to be CEO of his own music record label
  • acted in the American films Speed racer and Ninja assassin
  • was ranked #46 on 100 most Handsome Faces of 2013
  • is a fashion designer
  • does a huge amount of charity work
  • has his own page on Wikipedia dedicated to just his awards

The list could go on and on but let’s stop here and just watch the music video. You will understand why this guy is so desirable.


Kim Hyung Joong - Unbreakable

Kim Hyung Joong is the leader of the boy group SS501. They are on hiatus since 2011 after their contract expired with their company. All the members went on to sign with different companies but they never really broke up. During that time in the group Hyung Joong was know as a flower boy. Now what exactly is a flower boy? It’s a generally a man who looks and acts like a woman. In other words a ‘pretty boy’, if you know what I mean. Long wavy hair, slim, well groomed and well…. feminine. Especially in the drama Boys over flowers he played in, he became Korea’s biggest flower boy. Imagine what the reaction was from some people when he came out with his song Unbreakable. Definitely not feminine anymore.


2PM - A.D.T.O.Y.

Ever since their debut in 2008 this group has been known for their masculine and macho image. So much even that they gained the nickname of ‘beastly idols’. Jay Park who was featured in Kim Hyun Joong’s Unbreakable used to be the leader of 2PM but because of a controversy he had leave the group in 2009. What happened was that his Myspace account got hacked and several posts from 2005 while he was a trainee were given to the Korean media. In these posts he expressed his dislike for Korea, but they were taken mostly out of context and misinterpreted by the Korean media. He went back to his hometown Seattle and eventually in 2010 through Youtube and other media he became a big solo artist in Korea. 2PM never replaced Jay Park and has since been without a leader. This hasn’t stopped them and they also became highly successful.


D.M.T.N - E.R.

The group debuted under the name Dalmatian in 2010, but has since then they have changed their name to D.M.T.N.(Desire. Motivation. Timing. Now). A group name change almost never happens within K-pop, but because of a lot of changes in the group they felt it was necessary. One member left the group for personal reasons, a new member was added to replace him and one left because of Korea’s 20 months mandatory military service. Add a concept and agency change on top of that. A lot of Korean groups or their members are subject of a controversy from time to time but one member of the group, Daniel, had the biggest one I read about so far. On March 8th 2013 he was arrested for selling and using marijuana. In Korea using and especially selling drugs is seen as a major crime. He was sentenced for a year in prison and a fine of 7,160,000 KRW(around €5000,-). Afterwards he made an appeal and during his seventh trail he got a reduced sentence.


U-KISS - Quit playing

A lot of Korean group names are acronyms. U-KISS stands for Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star. Don’t even know what it means, but hell it sounds cool. U-KISS is not really known for being a hot group. Sure most ladies find them good looking, but there are groups that are higher up on the hot list. About a year ago on June 2nd 2014 their single and music video ‘Quit playing’ came out. Let’s just say it’s rated 19+ in Korea. Normally when I see a K-pop music video that’s rated 19+, afterwards I think nope not 19+ for the rest of the world. But this one is. It features a freakin threesome. Don’t worry there is no real nudity in the music video just a lot of shirtlessness.


Those were enough shirtless guys for now. Next time I will be showing you the quirky side of K-pop with “K-pop 101 #4: over the top edition”.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu

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