K-pop 101: #9 dance edition

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago


Dear readers and patients,


One of the things that impressed me when in started to get into K-pop around 5 years ago was the dancing. It was very mind blowing how groups with so many members could stay in sync with each other. Over the last few years the dances have only gotten better, in part due to the tough competition. In my opinion there are almost no bad dancers in K-pop. Let me show you some dances that impressed me the first time I saw them.

EXO – Growl

Now let me be completely honest here. Please don’t click away when I say this. I’m not a big fan of EXO, only I can’t deny that their dancing is impressive. Especially in this music video where it seems like it is one single shot. Of course this is all editing and around the middle part you can see 2 shots where all members are not visible in the camera shot. This is likely where they made a cut in editing, but that still leaves 3 parts where they are dancing non-stop. Long camera shots where the members of the group can be seen dancing has been getting very popular in the recent years. I’m impressed by it every single time, because I can only imagine how many hours of training they went through to reach that kind of synchronisation.

Infinite – BTD dance version

Infinite is one of those groups that are know for their almost knife-like choreography. Their synchronisation is crazy as can been seen in this music video. It is the dance version of their song before the dawn. K-pop groups will often bring out dance/performance versions of their songs. They bring out these versions so fans can easily learn their choreography. Some groups bring them out as a form of reward for their fans when the main music video reaches a certain amount of views. It is quite clever as fans will often watch a music video over and over to get access to these dance version. This music video also features a very famous dance move that you will see replicated by a lot of other groups: the scorpion dance. You can see it at 2:18.

SHINee – Everybody practice version

Another one of those groups that is known for their impressive dancing skills is SHINee. While Infinite largely focusses on group choreography, SHINee is more a group that showcases special dance moves. Every member does a different move, but it still looks like one cohesive dance. Dance versions are not the only rewards fans can get for watching the releases of the many K-pop groups. More than often a dance practice version will be brought out. These videos are especially awesome, because you will see the complete dance being performed in 1 single shot. Of course these practice version are not just shot of a random practice session, but more than likely shot over and over before it is done completely perfect.

AOA – Get out practice version

One of the most impressive practice versions I have ever seen was done by AOA and believe me I have seen a lot. Let me explain to you why this one is so impressive. First of the synchronisation is insane. I have watched this video probably 20 times already and I still can’t spot a single mistake. Another thing is the amount of position changes. You will see the girls moving backwards without looking back at full speed and end up at a position where they are at an equal distance from eachother. And for those who are thinking that there is a mirror behind the camera, there is not. I have seen video image of their pratice room taken from the other side and it’s a solid wall. Why not try and see for yourself if you can spot a mistake.

Gfriend – Rough 2x version

Gfriend got their popularity thanks to a fancam. A video shot by a fan from one of their performances. Most K-pop fans will know the one I am talking about. If you don’t know, it is the one where several girls can be seen falling on stage a total of 6 times due to heavy rain. You are able to see them sliding across the stage and see one falling 4 times and almost falling face first onto the stage. You can look it up if you want to see it yourself. The one I want to show you here is not a dance or practice version of one of their music videos, but a performance of their song Rough on the variety show weekly idol. You will see a lot of mistakes in it, but it is still very impressive. Why? Because they were asked to perform the song at almost twice the speed. There is no way they could have pulled this of without a lot of practice.


So what do you think? I’m amazed everytime a group comes out with a new dance and it's one of the things that makes K-pop so cool in my opinion. So what’s up in the next edition? K-pop 101 #10: cute boys edition. Not really my thing, but it has to happen.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu 

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