K-pop 101: #10 cute guys edition

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Dear readers and patients,


Let me start by saying that the music videos in this list are definitely not my thing. So how did I pick the songs on this list. Very simple, they made me cringe the most. So to all the guys out there reading this, prepare for some very nauseating videos. For all the girls reading this, remember that most guys out there are not like this.

Teen top – No more perfume on you

At the time that Teen top debuted in 2010 the oldest one was 17 and the youngest was 14. So the name Teen top sort of worked. But now six years later and none of the members are in their teens anymore. It’s a bit weird and the company should have thought about it beforehand when deciding on the Teen top. Sorry, just a little thing I noticed. It’s the same with Girl’s day and Girls’ Generation, they are not really girls anymore. Another thing that’s weird is this song. When you look at the music video everything seems normal, but when you read the lyrics it’s very weird. It’s basically saying that the older girl he is dating shouldn’t wear perfume, because his real girlfriend might find out. So that means he is cheating, the damn scumbag.

Boyfriend – Boyfriend

Boyfriend is one of those boygroups that started out very cutesy and it took them a long time to move away from that image. They still focus on the pretty boy image, but at least it’s not so bad anymore as their debut single ‘Boyfriend’. During their first singles they were a pretty standard boygroup and didn’t have much success. It was not until they moved away from the cutesy style with their single ‘Witch’ that they finally won their first number 1 place on a music show. It took them a total of 3 years. One thing that is unique about this group however are the Jo twins. Boyfriend is the first ever boygroup to have twins in the same group. They were already famous before they were part of Boyfriend as they shot over 300 commercial during their child actor days.

B1A4 – Beautiful target

You may find that B1A4 is a weird name for a group, but it does have a meaning although it’s a pretty weird one. One member has bloodtype B and 4 members have bloodtype A, so B1A4. It’s pretty weird for us westerners, but for Koreans it has a lot of meaning. They believe that every bloodtype has certain characteristics much like how we link certain characteristics to starsigns. For example bloodtype A is seen as reserved and introverted, while bloodtype B is seen as more flexible and passionate. While Boyfriend and Teen top have moved on from the cutesy boy image, B1A4 hasn’t. This doesn’t mean that they did badly. They have attained several number 1 positions on Korea’s music shows. This means that you don’t always need a tough boy image to do well.


F.cuz – Wanna be your love

F.cuz started out with a cutesy concept with their debut music video and then quickly moved on to a tougher image with their next two music videos. They then came out with ‘Wanna be your love’, a cutesy song that’s totally out of place between their releases because the next song was a tougher image again. They have not had much success and they are a fairly unknown group. They split their promotions between Japan and Korea so this means less releases in their home country. Because they were promoting in Japan for the entiry year of 2013 they didn’t release a song for almost 2 years in Korea. When they came back in 2014 it was not received very well and it has only around 162.000 views until now, which is almost nothing for a K-pop song. They have not released anything since then.

TVXQ! – Balloons

Ah yes, the famous balloons song. Or should I say infamous. It's a big no-no to mention this song to any TVXQ! fan. The song was released together with the single ‘O-jung. Ban.Hap.’ which is a more up-tempo electronic rock song. The single for ‘Balloons’ was released to appeal to a younger generation and also to a somewhat older generation who knew the original song released by the group Five fingers. It was originally released in 1986 and although there is no music video that can be found anymore, I did find the original song. It sound just as cringeworthy as the cover by TVXQ!. Funny thing is that Five fingers refused to let TVXQ! make a cover. Later they changed their mind however, but only if they got ten signed albums. Good deal in my opinion.


Congratulations if you made it through all that cuteness. A long time ago I went from tough guys edition to cute girls edition, so guess what post is up next time. K-pop 101 #11 tough girls edition.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hallyu


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