K-pop 101: #6 cute girls edition

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Dear readers and patients,


It’s time for some cuteness and sweetness that will leave you paralyzed and hankering for more. Let me warn you that the amount of colors that will be flying across your screen will be ridiculous. Especially the color pink will be highly prevalent. I wasn’t a big fan of the Korean style of cuteness, which is called aegyo, when I first started watching K-pop videos more then 5 years ago. Fast-forward to today and I enjoy every single style of K-pop music. Yes, even the aegyo ones.


Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

Sweetness Lv. 1

The girls of Crayon Pop released their first single in July 2012. It was not a commercial success and because of this they had little chance to promote their next single. They decided to use a more unusual style of promoting: guerrilla performances in the streets of Seoul. They garnered the attention of a lot of older male fans because of this, who aptly called themselves Pop-jeossi. Their name is a combination of Pop from Crayon Pop and ajeossi, the Korean name for a middle-aged man. Their single Bar Bar Bar launched them into mainstream popularity and it even became a viral hit worldwide. Their popularity was so great at that moment that they even gained the attention of Lady Gaga. She let them be her opening act for her Artpop tour.


Apink – NoNoNo

Sweetness Lv. 2

Most of the groups that have been active as long as them have moved onto sexy concepts. Apink have kept their pure and cute image ever since their debut. Their latest music videos might not be as cutesy as the once they started out with, but their image has always been pure and pristine. NoNoNo was their first song without Hong Yoo-kyung who left the group to focus on her studies. Luckily for Yoo-kyung, Chung-Ang University’s Performance Film Creation department accepted her. Chung-Ang is a very high profile school, ranking 8th overall in South-Korea in 2013 and ranking first in the fields of theatre studies, film studies and photography. NoNoNo did become the group’s highest charting single up until then, but I think Yoo-kyung made a very good decision to study at such a good school.


Tiny-g – Minimanimo

Sweetness Lv. 3

With an average height of 153cm they really lived up to their name Tiny-giants or Tiny-g. The group debuted with 4 members with the song Tiny-g, a hip-hop focused pop song. Their second single was Minimanimo, a song with a very cutesy style. Following that song was their third single Miss you, which had a sexy style. It doesn’t happen a lot that a group switches styles this quickly and still has some success. They were definitely not one the top girl groups, but they did better than a lot of others. One the members decided to leave the group after their third single to focus on her acting career, because she had a passion for acting ever since she had been a child actress. There were some rumors that the company kicked her out of the group since she grew too tall, but no company would do that, right? As you may have noticed that I used the past tense for this group. This is because on February 12, 2015 GNG Productions announced Tiny-g would go into an indefinite hiatus. Most K-pop fans know this means that they have probably disbanded.


Girl’s day – Oh my god

Sweetness Lv. 4

Girl’s day is one of the groups that had great success crossing over from the cute to sexy genre. Like Apink they had an image of being cute, but Girl’s day’s cute was way more over the top. “Oh my god” was their last solely cute style song before becoming a sexier focused girl group. Just like the two previous groups I mentioned Girl’s day also had a member that left the group, Jihae, this time because of various personal reasons. The company Jihae was under mentioned she wanted to focus on her studies since she was majoring in dance at Sungkyunkwan University as one of the reasons. For the next 2,5 years she disappeared off the grid before debuting under a different company in the girl group Bebop. She also changed her name to Ji-in. You would think that she would debut in a group that’s focused on dance, but Bebop is a three-member band and she is the bass player.


Orange caramel – Magic girl

Sweetness Lv. Over 9000

I could easily fill up this entire list with just songs from Orange caramel, but doing so would be too much sweetness for one article. They are, in my opinion, the group with the cutest and quirkiest songs in K-pop. Every single song makes you smile and sometimes even laugh out loud. The crazy thing is that Orange caramel is a sub-unit of the very sexy girl group After school. For those who are not familiar with sub-units: a sub-unit has members from an already existing group that promote as a new group while still being in the existing group. Easy right? It’s really difficult to explain, but it just means they are part of two groups giving them even less free time than they already have. Before you watch this video make sure you are ready for an overdose of sweetness. Don’t say I didn’t warn you beforehand.


We really need to balance out all that sweetness in the next article. So how about we go to the opposite end of the K-pop spectrum with K-pop 101 #7: tough guys edition.


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Hallyu

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