K-pop 101: #26 back to school

by: Jeffrey posted: 3 years ago



Summer vacation is (almost) over and schools are opening again. For those that are returning to the student lifestyle, here are 5 school related music videos to ease you back into it.


After School – AH!

It’s hard to imagine that After School already debuted more than 7 years ago. And if you know a bit about the K-pop industry, you will know about the 7 year curse. It’s a curse within K-pop that most groups don’t make it past 7 years. Technically they didn’t because as of the start of this year none of the original group members are left. They still continue to promote with the new members of the group, but they haven’t released a song since June 2013. With the amount of new girl groups that are currently promoting, I highly doubt that they will continue to survive if they don’t come out with a new song soon. Will they fall victim to the 7 year curse or will they survive?


JJ Project – Bounce

Before JB and Junior were part of GOT7, they debuted as the duo JJ Project. This was after the gained popularity from the drama Dream High 2. Their debut song “Bounce” was a massive success as it attained 1 million views in only 2 days. This might not seem very impressive for today’s standards, as most popular groups attain this number in only a single day, but keep in mind that this was back in May of 2012. K-pop wasn’t as popular as it is right now. Also I probably shouldn’t call him Junior anymore. The reason he is called this is because he shares his name with the founder of his label. Recently though he shared through his social media that he will start using his birth name “Jinyoung” as his stage name.


Gfriend – Glass Bead

Gfriend have steadily been growing in popularity in the last 2 years. Last year their performance of “Me Gustas Tu” garnered international attention (I even saw them on a Dutch news program). This year they have been growing in popularity even more with their singles “Rough” and “Navillera”. With 15 music show wins for “Rough” and 14 wins for “Navillera”, they have set a new record for most wins gained in a single year by a girlgroup. They are are right behind EXO who gained a total of 32 wins in 2015. However this was done with a total of 3 songs instead Gfriend’s 2 songs. If Gfriend were to release another song this year, they will probably surpass EXO.


BTS – Boy in Love

Another group that is steadily growing is BTS. There is no way you can get past these guys anymore. You see them everywhere and they are the source of a great deal of new K-pop fans. Their visuals and great dancing skills attract a lot of non-kpop fans and even if they don’t become fans, most of them agree that they are very talented. How do I know how non-kpop fans think about BTS? Because youtube is flooded with reaction video of non-kpop fans reacting to them. It’s great to see both BTS and Gfriend doing well. It proves that you don’t just have to come from a major label to be popular. Even though BTS’s label is bigger than Gfriend’s, it certainly isn’t part of the big 3.


Lovelyz – Candy Jelly Love

Lovelyz debuted back in November of 2014 and was set to debut with a total of 8 members. Their debut music video “Candy Jely Love” also shows a total of 8 members. However one of the members withdrew shortly before their official debut. This due to a wide range of accusations done against Seo Ji-soo. A variety of girls claimed to have been in a relationship with her and that they were abused both verbally and sexually. So called evidence was provided, but none of it actually proved anything other than that they knew her. Shortly after all these accusations Ji-soo herself was admitted into a hospital as she had collapsed due to metal shock. The accusers were later arrested for defamation and slander, and Ji-soo returned to the group in August of 2015.


So is everyone ready to go back to school? I am and I’m soon taking my final exams. After that the only thing that’s left is an exchange with a school in Shanghai (more on that later) and a few weeks of intership. Don’t worry, I have not forgotten about you people that are no longer students. Next week, K-pop 101: #27 old school edition.

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